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Florida Everglades Food Chain

No description

Dr. W

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Florida Everglades Food Chain

Florida Everglades Food Chain
Florida Everglades
Many different plants and animals live there

Tropical habitat

National Park

One example of a food chain
What is a food chain?
A sequence of who eats who in nature

Starts with a producer

Ends with a top predator

Is different for each habitat (desert vs. jungle)

Can be different food chains within same habitat
What is a food web?
A system of many food chains within one habitat

Chains can interlock with each other

Still starts with producers and ends with top predators (often humans)
Florida Everglades

The Producer
What eats algae?
What eats tadpoles?
What eats bass?
What eats alligators?
What eats the pythons?
Pythons are not from Florida

Invasive Species

Top of the food chain

Human Impact
- Humans brought the pythons over from Asia as pets
-Draining the wetlands decreases habitat and increases competition for food
- Not many people live in the Everglades, so humans are not the top of this food chain
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