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Rex: My Life in Dog years

Gary Paulsen's my dog in life years, this book has 9 dog in this book and this prezi is about Rex

Ryan Whisenhunt

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Rex: My Life in Dog years

My Life in Dogs Years
By: Gary Paulsen
Prezi by: Beau Lin, Ryan Whisenhunt, and Drake Shelburn Gary Paulsen worked on a farm when he was young and thats when he saw Rex. The really important, serious moment is when Rex
watches the farmowners kids . There was no threat to the children, but it was important to Rex that they were safe. Rex is a farm dog that watches over the farmland. Like all of the other dogs, he was a collie mix. He was a protector. He would herd the cows and make sure all the animals were there. He was a protector, a farm dog, patient, and a collie. He had long hair, bright eyes, slightly overweight, white ruff, and thick, gold hair. Chapter Summary:
Rex, the farm dog, is an old collie who would work all day in the farm. He did not need to be told what to do, so he would jolt to where the cows were every morning. He wuold check the cows multiple times to keep them together. He would wait a little, then he would go to he pigpen. Then he would go to the calf pen, where he would stop. Then he would go to the chicken coop. Rex would never come inside the house. He was fed meat and potato scrapings. Rex would sleep outside on the porch. Warren, Rex's owner, would only call Rex "dog." Warren said that the cows taught the dog, he didn't teach the dog. Rex is very helpful to Warren. Gary learned that dogs can be very smart like Rex. Overall Rex is a very good and well behaved dog. Thanks for watching the Prezi! By: Beau Lin, Drake Shelburn, and Ryan Whisenhunt
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