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Contemporary Pop Music: Maroon 5

Presentation for Music Appreciation in American Cultural Studies Class

Muhd. Adri Fitri Abdul Khalid

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Contemporary Pop Music: Maroon 5

British music industries - has made pop music something of an international monoculture, but most regions and countries have their own form of pop music Contemporary Pop: History Abbreviation of the
word "popular". Grammy Awards Absorbed influences from most other genres of popular music Pop Artists Backstreet Boys X-Factors ! 1) Outstanding
- Gold, Platinum & Triple Platinum for their
first album, "Sons about Jane"
- Won many awards; Won World Best New
Group at WMA in 2004 Hall of Fame The Evolution Maroon 5 Adam Levine
[Vocalist] Mickey Madden
[Bass Guitarist] James Valentine
[Rhythm Guitarist] Matt Flynn
[Drummer] P.J. Morton
[Keyboardist] Released on June 26, 2012
4th studio album
Sold - 222,000 copies in US
Sold - 38,000 copies in UK
Levine's ubiquity sound
Artwork - Picasso inspired
Never Lied 3) Daylight 2) Payphone 7) Ladykiller 6) Love Somebody 8) Fortune Teller 4) Lucky Strike 10) Tickets 9) Strike 11) Doin' Dirt 12) Beautiful
Goodbye 2012 1) One More Night A genre which originated in its modern form in the 1950s. Originated from UK and US. Derived from rock and roll. Borrowing elements from other styles; urban, dance, rock,Latin and country. 1960s - Dominated by the
American and British music. 1980s - the promotion of pop music had been greatly affected by the rise of Music Television channels like MTV. Brentwood School Kara's Flower Maroon 5 Michael Jackson Britney Spears Albums Songs about Jane
Mid. 2002 It Won't be Soon Before Long
May 2007 Hands All Over
September 2010 "Most diverse and poppiest album yet."

-Adam Levine- Charts #1 for Hot 100
#1 for Pop Songs
#1 for Radio Songs
#2 for Adult Pop Songs
#3 for Billboard Canadian Hot 100
#4 for On Demand Songs Payphone One More Night #1 for Adult Pop Songs
#2 for Adult Contemporary
#3 for Hot 100 2005: Best New Artist
[WON] 9 NOMINATIONS, WON 3 2006 & 2008: Best Pop Performance By A Duo
Or Group With Vocal [WON] 2008: Best Pop Vocal Album
[NOMINATED] 2009: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals
[NOMINATED] 2012: Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
[NOMINATED] 2) Consistent
- They produce high quality of albums and
singles due to their consistency of
teamwork 3) Unique & Distinctive
- The voice and sound produced.
- Easily be differentiated. Payphone ft. Wiz Nabilah The Triplets
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