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Amherst Media as an Apple Authorized Training Center

No description

Kyle Lunt

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Amherst Media as an Apple Authorized Training Center

Apple Authorized Training Center Apple IT Class Offerings Title Location Date How to get more people to these classes?

Was Apple training a good idea? Final Cut isn't the most popular class. Usually plays supplementary role.
Basic Apple IT Courses are the bread and butter: Amherst is the only one of the 4 in the area not offering them.
The majority of class-takers are employees from contracted businesses--finding businesses with a continuous demand creates stability.
Amherst media offers classes at about $$ HALF PRICE $$
Some training centers have their classes listed on the Apple website Top Recommendation 1. Expand offerings to basic IT trainings

Kiri is open to obtaining new training certificates
Help to subsidize the less popular Pro Apps Final Cut courses that align with Amherst Media's mission
Will lead to obtaining Gold Level training center status more quickly which will lead to much more exposure
Well below market price Other Recommendations 2. approach the Amherst Chamber of Commerce to advertise training services to businesses (especially IT businesses) in the area that are members of the Chamber

3. contact local career offices to list course offerings

4. approach the Office of Information Technology, Department of Journalism, and the Department of Communication at UMass as well as other school’s IT, journalism, and communication departments

5. approach the Amherst Chamber of Commerce to initiate some sort of recruitment relationship that will benefit local inns, hotels, restaurants, etc. for students that travel from afar and stay in town for the trainings Amherst Media Final Cut Pro What we found Amherst Media is a community media access center which has been in operation in the greater Amherst area for over 30 years, providing informative community-focused cable television programming, access to television production resources for the general public, technology trainings, and other multimedia services. Met with Jim and Craig Three Semi-Structured Case Study Interviews Future Media Concepts, Boston, MA Business Rules Inc., Rhinecliff, NY Instruct US, Windsor, CT Amherst Media 20-45 minutes each Formed ideas Interviewed Kiri the instructor With other AATC in the region Final Cut 7 vs. 10?
Marketing Ideas? Apple Trainings Lion OS X
201 Apple IT courses are the primary demand and Pro Apps coures are secondary based on specific interest Final Cut Motion Logic Pro Apps Pro Apps Pro Apps www.apple.com/trainings Lion 101 New York 1/19/13

Lion 102 Rhinecliff 1/21/13

Final Cut Boston 1/22/13 *Requirements
obtaining a minimum number of courses and exams delivered
regular submission of reports to Apple
excellent customer service as defined by student evaluation benchmarks Recommendations *Will take time and some investment ...Continued 6. develop a ‘value-added’ training program that includes a documentary film making component or investigative journalism course that Amherst Media can offer for a low price in addition to Final Cut Pro

7. develop a training program that integrates with Massachusetts’ Workforce Training Fund Program

8. offer online training courses

9. encourage taking the certification test in addition to the class (will lead to better grade) Thank you! Conclusion: Overall, these recommendations fit the request -- to investigate options for increasing the number of students in classes. As noted, some recommendations will require more effort to implement than others, but we feel that working to implement ANY of these will improve Amherst Media's chances of getting more value out of being an Authorized Apple Training Center.
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