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Evoulution of the football helmet

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Antonio Estrada

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Evoulution of the football helmet

Evolution of the football helmet In 1888, the annual college football rules convention passed a rule permitting tackling below the waist. Then football changed dramatically. For a time the sport was full of fights, brawls, and even death. Then football players were beginning to accept protective equipment. The "head harness" was made by George Barclay in 1896. The helmet was constructed by a saddle maker with strips of leather harness padding. The first innovations of the helmet began around 1915 when more padding and flaps were added with ear holes for better communication on the field Helmets were not required in college football until 1939, and they were'nt required in the NFL until 1943 The biggest innovation for the football helmet was in 1939, when the first plastic helmet was made by the John T. Riddell company in Chicago. The helmets were more durable, lighter, and stronger than the leather helmets before. The helmets could be painted on as well, so teams like the Michigan Wolverines could have their signature Helmets. Antonio Estrada
Intro to Engineering
1st Hour
Football Helmet In 1940, Riddell made the first chin strap to rest on the chin instead of the neck, and they also made the first facemask In 1955, the head coach of the Cleveland Browns made the BT-5, the famous one bar facemask. But have been illegal in the NFL since 2004 and will most likely never be used in it again. In 1971, G.E. Morgan, the chairman of the board of Riddell, made the microfit helmet. They had valves on the top of the helmets to allow air to be pumped into cushions crammed into every space inside the helmet. A player would put on the helmet and pump it up until it firmly fits the players head. All helmets used today have some sort of air pump like this. Because of safety issues, chin straps with four clips were required in college football in 1976, but not in the NFL. These chin straps kept the helmet firmly in place The helmet most widely used today was made in the 1990's, they are made of polycarbonate, a very hard plastic. The inside is made of vynil and foam padding. 1896 George Barclay invents helmet 1939 Helmet required for college football Riddell makes first plastic helmet 1940 First chinstraps and facemasks 1955 First one bar facemask 1971 First microfit helmets 1990's First polycarbonate helmets Reference Page:



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