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The Giver (Chapter 16)

No description

Christina Porter

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of The Giver (Chapter 16)

The Giver (Chapter 16)
In the chapter "There could be love,"
Jonas whispered." Which shows that Jonas cares and has feelings
2. plot diagram
7. Symbol that represents Chapter 16
Jonas not wanting to
go back to the giver
The memory of
with the Grandparents
Jonas parents tell him they don't believe in love
Jonas whisper to sleeping Gabriel "There could be love."
Jonas talking to Gabriel while he's sleeping
Jonas vs parents
Sentence to support this symbol...
"'I wish we could be that way, and that you could be my grandparent.'" Jonas said to the Giver. (148)
8. Main Conflict of Chapter 16
Jonas vs. Parents
This conflict is Internal
A sentence that explains why this is an internal conflict is...
"It was his fist lie to his parent" Jonas thought. (150)
The tone starts out as upsetting because Jonas wanted to quit his job as the Receiver but then is goes to loving because he experienced Christmas and at the end it was calming with Gabriel sleeping.
Five words that describes the tone are...
Terrible (152)
Happiness (155)
Warmth (155)
Love (157)
Whisper (161)
Two examples of figurative language are...
Main Character:

By now Jonas had experienced countless bits of happiness...(152-153)
Back and back and back...
(Talking about grandparents)
One word that describes Jonas for this chapter is confused.
One sentence that described Jonas in the chapter is: He didn't want the memories, didn't want the honor, didn't want the wisdom, and didn't want the pain.
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