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Australia 5 Themes of Geography

No description

Taylor Rodriguez

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Australia 5 Themes of Geography

Australia Demographics
Government Federal Parliamentary democracy
Head of Government The Prime Minister,
currently Julia Eileen Gillard
Total Population 21,766,711 people
GDP/capita $41,000
Literacy Rate 99% Male, 99% female
Life Expectancy 79 male, 84 female
Official Language English
Major Religions Not very important in daily life. 64% Christian
Currency Australian Dollar
Capital Canberra
Absolute location 35 degrees S, 149 degrees E
Relative Location South of Papua New Guinea, surrounded by Indian and Pacific Oceans By: Taylor Rodriguez and Teresa DiStefano Australia Children from the Anangu tribe Ayers Rock
Australia has a hot and humid climate because its the driest inhabited continent in the world. One-third of its land is desert and another third of it is made up of poor-quality land. The temperature is usually above 100°F so the people who live there need to wear light clothing year round except in the winter time when they wear heavier clothes.They also wear hats and sunglasses the whole year because Australians rank first in the world in rates of skin cancer. Climate Impact Cricket:
This is the most popular sport in Australia. They play it in the summer at picnics, barbeques, beaches and parks.
Australians have played cricket for more than 200 years. Cricket goes all the way back to the 1600’s when the English Monarchy first started playing it and then 200 years later it was introduced to the Australians. Rivalry began between the England and Australian team when the Australian team toured all over Europe.
The most famous Australian cricket player was Sir Donald Bradman because before World War 2 he was credited with a hit ratio of 99.94. His score cannot be increased.
Cricket is important to the Australians because its their pastime.

This is a popular dessert in Australia.
It originated during World War I when women in Australia and New Zealand mailed them to soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps because the recipe use ingredients that don't spoil on long voyages.
The biscuits were first called Soldiers' Biscuits, but after the landing on Gallipoli, they were renamed ANZAC Biscuits (after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). During World War 2, with refrigeration in so many merchant navy ships, the biscuits were not made as much as they were before. Anzac Biscuits Anzac Biscuits Australian Cricket Player Australia Flag Transportation of Melbourne, Australia- Trams These trams are free of charge.Tram services run from 10am to 6pm every day except Christmas Day and Good Friday. It leaves every 12 minutes and stops at many different landmarks and sights. Melbourne is the only place Trams still operate in Australia. The trams are one of the most major public transportation systems of Melbourne. Trams are setup like a train but also similar to a bus. Now trams are electric but there used to be cable trams and horse trams. Julia Eileen Gillard- Prime Minister Ayers Rock Ayers rock is also called Uluru.The Uluru is a sandstone rock formation made of arkosic sandstone that rises 348 meters above the floor and has a circumference of 9.4 kilometers.
Its sacred to the Anangu of the area, who is a tribe of the western desert that consider themselves direct descendants of the animals and humans who roamed their tribal lands. Around the base of Uluru are important sacred areas named the Mala Puta, Warayuki, Tjukatjapi, Kuniya Piti, and Pulari.Entering the areas below the Uluru is forbidden because half of them are under traditional mens laws and the other half are under traditional womens laws. Australia is one of the world's leading exporters of wool. Australia had a record of 180 million sheep in 1970. In November 1807, Reverend
Samuel Marsden arrived in
England with a barrel of
Australian wool . This was
Australia's first export of wool. Wool is a major Australian export New South Wales is the most important region to Australia's economy. They have a lot of tourism and they produce many goods such as wheat, wool, meat, dairy, fruits, sugarcane, coal, gold, iron, cooper, silver,lead and zinc. Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are the seven regions of Australia New South wales is home to Sydney, the largest city in Australia New South Wales is in the south-eastern part of Australia. Queensland, Victoria and South Australia border New South Wales. New South Wales is home to 34.5% of Australia's Population. Fun Fact The New South Wales animal emblem, the Platypus was proclaimed in 1971. There are four main geographical regions of New South Wales, the coastal lowlands, the eastern highlands, the western slopes and the western plains. Melbourne
Zoo The Melbourne Zoo has more than 320 animal species from all around the world. The Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo in Australia. It opened on October 6th, 1862. The exihbits include Butterfly House, Orangutan Sanctuary, Asian Rainforest, Australian Outback, Savannah, Lion Park, Wild Sea, Reptile House, African Rainforest and many more. Gorillas at the Melbourne Zoo Tigers at the Melbourne Zoo Fun Fact
Australia is home to more kangaroos than people
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