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Tasyaa Halim

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of FIQH MUNAKAHAT

History of Marriage
The first marriage happened between Prophet Adam as and Hawa.
The marriage took place with Allah s.w.t. permission.
This is a matrimonial system which is prescribed for the reproduction of human for them to rule the Earth and live for the time being.
The Law of Marriage
Lesson of Marriage
One of the right way to have sex so that adultery, prostitution and sodomy could be avoided.
To have a peaceful life to gain love and harmony.
To preserve one's purity
To fulfill the shariah
To preserve the generation
To strengthen the bond between Muslims
Matrimony or marriage according to language is to assemble and mingle. according to Islamic point of view, it means “Ijab dan Qabul“ (agreement) that allows sexual intercourse between men and women that uttered by words that shows marriage with the rules and regulations that determined by Islam.
For someone who has a great lust that might be dragged into adultery
Someone who able but can control his / her lust
Someone who doesn't have support and objection in marriage and this was the first law of marriage.
Someone who unable to give a living from the aspect of external and inner feelings but doesn't give any harm to his wife either he's rich or doesn't have a strong desire.
To someone who is unable to give a living from the aspect of external and inner feelings and is weak, doesn't not have the desire to marry and will harm the wife if do so.
The Process of Marriage
Proposal of Marriage
Engagement is a contract from both man and woman to have a wedding on a specific date that is agreed by both sides.
Proposing is a common Malay culture accepted in Islam. Proposal is a start for marriage.
Law of proposal is a must and one isn't someone's wife, isn't "mahram", isn't in state of "idah", and isn't engaged.
A gift in a form of a ring to the woman during proposal indicates an engagement.
Dowry is property or money brought by a bride to her
It's compulsory based on Surah
An-Nisa: sentence 4.
The amount of dowry that must be paid is determined by the guardian (a person who can give away a bride in a Muslim marriage) if the bride is still a child but can be determined when reached puberty or is widowed.
Is payable in variety of ways.
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding ceremony is a sunnah if it is held and accepting the invitation is a must.
This is to spread the wedding to others to avoid any suspicions if something happened.
There are few manners in a wedding ceremony after the solemnization such as giving out invitations to important people to the bride.
The wedding ceremony must not have elements of other religions.
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