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Acid Rain and it's effects on the enviroment

This is about the chemical reaction in acid precipitation and the effects on the environment.

Jordan Thibodeau

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Acid Rain and it's effects on the enviroment

Acid Rain and the Environment By Jordan Thibodeau
SNC 2D. Mrs.Kratt What is Acid Rain? -Acid Rain is a term referring to a mixture of wet and dry deposition from the atmosphere that contains higher-then-normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acid. - In both wet and dry forms, it falls on buildings, cars and trees and makes lakes and other bodies of water become acidic - Dry deposition of acid rain is another form of acid decomposition and this is when gas and dust particles become acidic - Wet deposition of acid precipitation is rain, sleet or snow that has become more acidic then usual What Causes Acid Rain? Acid Rain occurs when these gases react in the atmosphere wither water, oxygen and other various chemicals to form different acidic compounds - Fumes from trucks and cars -Burning fossil fuels -Power plants releasing toxic smoke -Gases from volcanos -Electric discharge -Decomposition Chemical Reactions In acid rain Natural Sources Nitric oxide- NO- electric discharge Sulfur dioxide- SO2- volcanic gases Carbon dioxide- CO2-Decomposition Chemical Reactions of Acid Rain Non-natural sources Nitric oxide-NO-internal combustion Sulfur dioxide-SO2-fossil fuel combustion Effects on the environment -huge impact on lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and other aquatic environments
-the wind spreads the acidic solution around the earth, causing pollution -Acid rain causes water to become acidic, therefore it causes the water to absorb the aluminum that makes it way from soil, into lakes. -that combination is toxic to crayfish, clams, fish and other aquatic animals -Acid rain destroys forests, especially those at high elevations Acid rain robs the soil of important nutrients It may inhabit the trees ability to reproduce Many species of fish cannot survive in the acidic water 2 terms for acidic and polluted water because of acid rain Chronic- long term acidic water which
means years of acidic rainfall Episodic- A sudden jump of acid in the water, which causes sudden shifts in the waters chemistry What can we do to stop acid pollution -carpool -don't leave your car stalled -reduce emissions from factories -stop burning fuel for power -conserve energy by turning off your lights when you're not using them Bibliography Acid Rain. (n.d.). Department of Chemistry | Washington University in St. Louis. Retrieved October 23, 2012, from http://www.chemistry.wustl.edu/~edudev/La

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