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Cole Chardiet

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Marijuana

Marijuana: America's #1 Cash Crop
Medicinal marijuana started to be sold in pharmacies in America in the 1850s, although increased regulation forced cannabis to be labeled as "poison" in eight states.
Disadvantages of Marijuana Legalization
Reefer Madness
Current Situation
Currently, the system in place is ineffective because minors and adults have access to marijuana

In addition, the crime rate increases as drug dealers make more money selling marijuana, when that revenue could go to the government

The United States government has spent approximately $10 billion dollars a year in trying to keep marijuana off the streets, while California has gotten $14 billion dollars in revenue from legalized medicinal medicine

Alcohol and tobacco are legal and have high toxicity, while marijuana is illegal and is one of the least toxic illicit substances.

If marijuana was legalized, it would not have the same negative effects as alcohol and tobacco. There is no additive chemicals or toxidants in marijuana, like there is in alcohol and tobacco
Our Solution
If marijuana was legalized, there would restrictions and requirements,
One would need a permit to buy marijuana. Requirements are:
American citizen
18+ years of age
No criminal record
Marijuana could only be sold from government regulated dispensaries
There would also be a limit as to how much one could buy at once. Limit is one ounce.
-1 gram for $15
-1/8th of an oz. would be $45
1/2 of an oz. for $150
-1 oz. for $250
There would also be smoking and non-smoking areas for the safety of the public
Facts About Marijuana
Marijuana is a plant containing a psychoactive chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),which in its leaves, buds and flowers
Despite the fact that marijuana's effects are less harmful than those of most other drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, it is the most common drug that people are arrested for possessing
The 2 main cannabis strains are Sativa and Indica
In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that between 20 million and 50 million people smoke marijuana regularly, although it’s illegal


Website dedicated to marijuana's facts, pros and cons of legalization, and news
Pros and cons on legalization of marijuana Breakdown of advantages of legalizing marijuana
How the regulation of drug use is working
Health advantages of marijuana Economic benefits of marijuana taxes
Breakdown of advantages of legalizing marijuana
Economic benefits of marijuana taxes

Whoa, Trip
Sources Cont.

"Marijuana Facts." Legalize Marijuana Legal Weed Marijuana Facts RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 June 2013.

Tuyl, Christine Van. Marijana. Green Haven Press
Gerber, Rudolph Joseph. Legalizing Marijuana. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger Publishers.

Regan, Trish. Joint Ventures. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
Benefits of Legalization
Economic Advantages
Revenue from that tax
"We don't know the size of the marijuana market right now, and we certainly don't know what would happen under different levels of regulation. But we do know that legalization would lead to a positive revenue impact on the income and sales tax side"
- Carl Davis
Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy
State and local governments could save billions of dollars that they now spend on regulating marijuana use
Create more jobs
Create competition among alcohol and tobacco companies --> generate more spending on advertising
Shipping commerce would increase
Legal Advantages
Crime rate decrease: California has its lowest underage crime rate after punishment for possession and transfer of drugs is dropped to infraction.
Take power away from druglords
Crimes associated with marijuana being illegal, such as robbery and drug warfare would decrease
The already over-populated prisons would have more room for those guilty of "worse" crimes
Medical Advantages
Help manage pain for trauma, cancer, and nerve damage patients

Help prevent the worsening of Alzheimer's disease

Helps HIV and AIDS patients regulate appetite

THC in marijuana causes cancerous cells to undergo autophagy
Cancerous cells feed upon themselves, leaving healthy tissue alone

Useful in treating asthma, glaucoma, and breast and lung cancer
In 1979, percentage of those 12 and older using marijuana was 13.2% dropping to 6.1% by 2008
54% drop in use by those 29 and older
Marijuana is considered a "gateway" drug, and can lead to heroin, cocaine,and/or use of harder drugs
Legalization of marijuana would allow easier access by minors.
Despite rumors cannabis can be habit forming, with smokers experiencing withdrawal (albeit a much milder form than other drugs such as alcohol)

Disadvantages of Legalization
Health Risks
Short-Term Effects
Distorted perception (sights, sounds, time)
Problems with memory and learning
Loss of coordination
Trouble with thinking and problem-solving
Increased heart-rate, reduced blood pressure
Anxiety, fear, distrust, panic
Long-Term Effects
Effects on Brain
Impaired memory
Effects on Lungs
Daily cough and phlegm production
More frequent acute chest illnesses
Increased risk of lung infections
Obstructed airways
Effects of Exposure During Pregnancy
Altered responses to visual stimuli
Increased tremulousness
Problems with sustained attention
Poor problem solving skills
Cole Chardiet
Melissa Esquivel
Heywan Gessesse
Jordyn Mendoza
Poison labeling laws strengthened in 1906 with the Health and Food Safety Act which required non-prescription Cannabis to be labeled.
Fun Facts
The trapped Chilean miners were provided with Marijuana to calm their nerves
Marijuana dispensaries outnumber Starbucks in Denver
In order to induce death, one would have to smoke 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in a single marijuana joint/blunt
Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew marijuana on their plantations.
There's a rumor the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper
Sources for Fun Facts
Green, Andy. “10 Brain Exploding Things You Didn’t Know About Weed.” 5 September , 2012. 16 June, 2013 < http://www.brobible/life/article/things
-In the article, green goes over some fun facts about the use of marijuana. The facts ranged anywhere from serious facts to jaw dropping ones.
Cox, Lauren. “Marijuana: Facts about Cannabis.” 05 November 2012, 16 June, 2013. < http://www.livescience.com/24559-marijuana-facts-cannabis.html >
-The article give a thorough explanation as to what marijuana is and its effects. Through the use of charts and polls, it gives an estimate on how many people in the United States have used marijuana in the year 2012.
Harry J. Anslinger was the first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and he attacked the hemp and marijuana industry utilizing mass media.

Anslinger drafts the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which is passed by congress, and marijuana is declared illegal under federal law
The Boggs Act of 1952 and Narcotics Control Act of 1956 made first time possession or transfer of marijuana a felony.
Marijuana possession is then sized down to a misdemeanor in certain states starting with Oregon in 1973.

Then under the Reagan Administration in 1984 rules tighten again: mandatory sentencing for large, repeated weed possession is 25 years.

In U.S. v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative court ruled medical marijuana was no exception to federal law.

In Gonzalez v. Reich the Supreme Court ruled anyone cultivating marijuana, even if its in accordance to state legislature, may be prosecuted under federal law
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