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What Skills do Effective Writers Possess?

No description

Grace Rogerson

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of What Skills do Effective Writers Possess?

What Skills do Effective Writers Possess?
"Writing is perhaps the most important and reflective tool of all learning"
Level 7
National Curriculum: KS3
Write for a wide range of purposes and audiences
Apply knowledge of grammar, vocab and text structure to their writing
Use literary devices to impact their writing
Plan, draft, edit and proof read
Characteristics of effective writing:
Engaging content
Literary techniques eg onomatopoeia, alliteration, metaphors
Excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation
Creative language
A really effective piece of writing has the ability to alter or affect my opinion/viewpoint,
make me feel happy
make me feel sad,
make me laugh, make me cry.
(Fleming and Stevens, 2010, p.89).
Appropriate and imaginative choice of style in a range of forms
Non-fiction writing should be coherent and give clear points of view and account for different perspectives
Use of accurate and effective vocabulary and grammatical features
Sequence of events is made clear by use of paragraphing and correct punctuation
Correct spelling, including complex words
Further Reading
'The Language of Speech and Writing' Sandra Cornbleet and Ronald Carter

'English Teaching in the Secondary School' Chapter 6, Mike Fleming and David Stevens
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