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Keats larson

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of LEWIS POWELL

Lewis Powell was born April 22nd 1844, in Randolph country, Alabama. Powell had eight brothers and sisters and his father was a catholic baptist. When he was young his family called him "Doc". When he was growing up he was kicked in the jaw by a mule and broke it, so that's why he has a misplaced jaw. When Lewis was 15, his family moved to a small farm in Live Oak, Florida.
Bloody times
In 1861 Lewis heard that a war between the North and South had started and volunteered as a solider for the South but then got promoted to a private. During that time in war Powell fought at Gettysburg and was shot in the right wrist and taken prisoner. Powell then escaped and joined the mounted regiment (also know as the Calvary) in 1863. After the war Powell moved to Baltimore .
Joining Booth
After some time he met with John Surrat, and John Wilkes Booth and they asked him to join them, he agreed. After he met with Booth, Booth assigned Powell a secret mission to assassinate Secretary of State, William Seward.
Sewards house
After the attack
After the attack Powell hid for three days until he made a huge mistake and went to Mary Surrat's house and their he was arrested. In jail he was charged for murder and treason. Powell told them that Mary Surrat was innocent but the police would not listen and they were found guilty to hang.
Early in the afternoon of July 7, 1865, Powell along with Mary Surrat, George Atzerodt, and David Herold walked to the scaffold. Right before a hood was placed over Powell's head he said "goodbye". Those were the last words of Lewis Powell as the boards dropped. He was only 21.
Powell before hanged
Powell after hanged
Down the road to Seward
Shortly after 10:00 P.M. Powell and Herold arrived at Sewards house. While inside Powell told Sewards waiter he was delivering medicine. When he started down the hall he met with Sewards son, Fredrick and left him unconsious on the ground. When Powell entered the room he madly dived onto Seward and began stabbing him to death and one of those blows split his skin on his face in half. After the attack Seward and four other people were really hurt.
Google images
Lewis Powell 2nd from left

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