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Hannah Webb

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Ecosystems

By: Hannah Webb Tundra Taiga Grassland Desert Rain Forest Deciduous Forest animals and plants can live in the rain forest because they are ment to and they are used to rain and not much sun. animals can live in this biome because animals are made with lots of fur. Plants can also live in this biome because they are also made with fur tipe stems. animals live in the grassland because sertain animals can blend in with grass, and plants as well. in the desert its is hot during the day and cold during the night so animals have to have fur but not a lot the taiga doesn't have many animals other than insects because during winter it gets really cold and snowy. in the deciduous forest lives many animals because they have lots of plants so consumers and decomposers have plants to eat all year long. Producers, Decomposers, and Consumers producers are very important in a biome. Without producers decomposers and consumers wouldn't get enough energy to survive. Tundra Desert Deciduous Forest Rain Forest
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