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Teaching with Technology

A Guide to Interactive Educational Websites with an Emphasis on Literacy

Deziree Williams

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Teaching with Technology

Created by Deziree Williams Teaching with Technology I have created this Prezi to help fellow
educators get started using digital tools with their students. Included in this Prezi are
my top 20 favorite websites to use for
literacy instruction. You will also find
some ideas for activities to use
with each website. A Guide to Interactive
Educational Websites with an
Emphasis on Literacy Table of Contents This website offers students the opportunity to connect with students around the world via email. Teacher moderation makes this site different from regular email. It enables teachers to view each email sent. This site also allows students to communicate with non-english speaking students with the translation tools. For use in grades K-12. Bubbl ePals Wordle Today's Meet Microsoft Photo
Gallery Scribblar Dabbleboard Seussville Gamequarium Internet4Classrooms Games Zone Book Adventure We Video Wordia Wallwisher Strip Generator PhotoPeach 60 Second Recap Roy: Tale of a Singing Zebra Thanks for watching and helping students to learn with technology! This website is great for collaborative and independent mindmapping for use in grades K-12. Have students collaborate together online to create group mind maps Have students show their understanding by completing a graphic organizer about the main points Have students color-code concepts to demonstrate what they understand and do not understand Chalk Stick Rating: ///// Have students join a game of Ramble Scramble and race to make words from the tiles in the middle Have students share their favorite parts of a book in an online book review Have students write a persuasive essay about why others should visit his/her own hometown and post on ePals Have students write about their favorite customs and add them to ePals Global Wiki Have students select and join a project from the ePals library Chalk Stick Rating: ///// http://bubbl.us http://www.epals.com http://wordle.net Have students copy and paste their essays in wordle. Then, have them analyze what needs to be included in the essay and what words they may use too frequently. Have students list words that they associate with a new vocabulary word and create a class wordle from the students' lists As a pre-reading strategy, have students copy and paste text of a reading into a wordle and then have them predict what the main ideas of the reading will be Have students compare/contrast readings and or themes such as fables vs. myth by creating wordles Have students create a wordle using the 10x function to rank a character's traits This is a web tool that allows users to create a word cloud from the most common words in a written text. For use in grades 3-12. Chalkstick Rating: //// http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/default.mspx This website is a link to a free download of Microsoft Photo Gallery. MS Photo Gallery helps you to edit and organize your photos, as well as share them online. For use in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Have students create book trailers for a book they have read using MS Photostory Have students create a digital story using photos and video Have students summarize a story by creating a digital story of the main events Chalkstick Rating: //// http://todaysmeet.com This website allows teachers to create a virtual room for students to respond to discussions, quizzes, etc. Great for 3rd through 12th grade students. Have students discuss books they have read in literature circles using Today's Meet Have students respond to a writing prompt in a virtual room Have students participate in a pop-up discussion (similar to VH1's pop-up video). Students can post questions and answers to an educational video as they are watching it. If necessary, teachers can guide the chat by asking questions about main ideas, character traits, authors point of view, and imagery, etc. Chalkstick Rating: //// http://www.scribblar.com This website provides users with a collaborative whiteboard tool including live text and audio chat. Have student groups work collaboratively to make photo journals to represent theme, conflict, resolution, etc. Have students create a collaborative story. Each student will add a sentence at a time. Have them make use of the charts and other mind mapping tools for brainstorming ideas Have students work together to create a story map of a guided reading book Chalkstick Rating: //// http://www.dabbleboard.com This website is an online collaborative whiteboard that allows live interaction through text and audio. It also has an excellent drawing interface and is best for use in 1st through 12th grade. Have students create a character scrapbook utilizing the drawing tools and text boxes. Have students create a graphic organizer for a five paragraph essay. Once students have completed the essay, ask students to edit each others essay using the collaboration applications. Have students compare/contrast a movie and book based on the same story using the drawing and text tools. Chalkstick Rating: ///// http://www.seussville.com This website is the official site of Dr. Seuss. It includes resources for teachers, interactive games and books, and information about Theodore Giesel. Good for use in Kindergarten through 4th grade. Have students help pop and his kids spell the mystery word by playing the "Hop on Pop" interactive game Have students work on rhyming skills by playing the "Fox in Socks" interactive game Have students research Theodore Giesel and write an essay Chalkstick Rating: /// http://www.gamequarium.org This website features thousands of interactive educational games organized by subject, topic, and grade level. Best utilized in Pre-K through 8th grade. Have students practice vocabulary by playing one of many interactive vocabulary games Have students demonstrate their knowledge of parts of speech by creating an interactive mad lib Have students follow along with an audio reading of an ebook Have students practice high frequency sight words with one of the interactive games Chalkstick Rating: /// http://www.english-online.org.uk/games/gamezone2.htm This website is an excellent source for interactive language arts games for 2nd-8th grade. Have students find their way through the jungle by identifying vocabulary words in the "Vocabulary Jungle" interactive game Have students practice using similes with the interactive game "Super Similes" Have students practice the correct past tense form of verbs with the interactive game "Frog Verbs" Have student practice using correct grammar by playing "The Grammar of Doom" Chalkstick Rating: /// This is a great website for Kindergarten through 12th grade students that offers interactive educational games organized by grade level, subject, and common core standards. http://www.internet4classrooms.com Have students practice grammar skills with one of the interactive games for their grade level Have students play one of the interactive games for phonics Have students pick a specific common core standard under the common core standards tab for their grade level. Then, have students pick a game to practice skills for that standard. Have students pick a reading activity for their grade level such as an online reading book, comprehension skill practice , or main idea identification Chalkstick Rating: ///// http://www.bookadventure.com This website is a free reading motivation program for children in K-8 with interactive games, quizzes, and contests. Have students create a list of books they would be interested in reading by using the "Book Finder" Have students take a quiz on a book they have read to earn points towards prizes they can find in the "Prize Library" Have students play an interactive game to help build language arts skills Chalkstick Rating: //// http://www.wevideo.com This website is an online video editing tool that allows for collaboration. Great for 3rd-12th grade classrooms. Have students bring books to life by creating video trailers to promote a book they have read Have groups of students read a chapter of a guided reading book and act out and video their part of the book Have students make a video of their predictions Have students create a video KWL. Have them video what they know using objects or student interviews. Then, have them video what they want to know. At the end of the unit, have them make a video of what they have learned. Chalkstick Rating: ///// http://www.wordia.com This website blends word learning games with video for 1st-8th grade. Have students practice word learning with one of the many interactive games Have students create their own word-based interactive game with the "Game Builder" application Have students create and upload a video that explains a word definition Have students watch one of the uploaded videos to gain a better understanding of a specific word. Have students search an unfamiliar word and learn more about the definition, part of speech, and etymology Chalkstick Rating: ///// http://wallwisher.com This website is an online notice board maker. Good for use in grades K-12. Create a discussion between students by posing questions about a reading topic Have students use the audio tools to create short speaking activities such as creating a story based upon photos posted by other students or teachers Have students complete word of the day activities such as posting a word and asking students to make a sentence using the word of the day Chalkstick Rating: //// http://photopeach.com This website allows users to make slideshows using pictures, audio, and text. Great for use with grades K-12. Have students create a visual representation of vocabulary words Have students summarize a story using photos, audio, and text Have students use photos to practice writing, vocabulary, and skimming skills to develop literacy Chalkstick Rating: ///// http://stripgenerator.com This website allows the user to create comic strips. For use in Kindergarten-12th grade. Have students learn to write dialogue by creating a comic strip Have students demonstrate their knowledge of cause and effect relationships by creating an original comic Have students create comics as a prewriting activity before creating their own narrative Have students create a comic strip to summarize a story or book they have read Chalkstick Rating: //// http://www.60secondrecap.com This website introduces students to literature in 60 second videos. Great for use with Grades 3-12. Have students view 60 second recap videos on how to write a paper Have students view 60 second recap videos on common reading terms such as motifs, subtext, metaphors, symbols, and themes Have students view videos on how to create an amazing 60 second recap. Then, have student employ those tips by creating their own 60 second recap. Have students view 60 second recap videos of books to discover which books may spark an interest for independent reading http://www.roythezebra.com This website for emerging readers (K-2) includes a guided reading program and interactive games. Have students read along with the animated guided reading story about Roy Have students play one of the interactive word level games Have students play one of the interactive sentence level games Have students listen to the Roy the zebra songs RIF: Reading Planet http://www.rif.org/kids/readingplanet.htm This website has excellent interactive literature activities such as read aloud books, games, and writing activities. Good for Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Have students check out the "Game Station" and play the interactive games Have students explore the "Book Zone" and watch, listen, and read along to one of the many online books Have students read about their favorite authors and illustrators, ask them questions, and send them a fan letter Have students write a review on a book they have recently read and share on Reading Planet Chalkstick Rating: ///// Chalkstick Rating: //// Chalkstick Rating: //// Grade Level: 1st-12th 1. ePals 2. Bubbl 3. Wordle 4. Microsoft Photo Gallery 5. Today’s Meet 6. Seussville 8. Scribblar 7. Dabbleboard 20.Roy: The Tale of a Singing Zebra 19. 60 Second Recap 9. RIF: Reading Planet 18.Photo Peach 17. Strip Generator 16. Wallwisher 15. Wordia 14. Book Adventure 13. We Video 12. Internet 4 Classrooms 11. Games Zone 10. Gamequarium A special thanks to Teacher Tech Videos for the amazing tutorials I have posted throughout the Prezi! For more video tutorials visit:

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