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MultiMedia Presentation

Chris Farley and the effects obesity took in his life.

megan ostrower

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of MultiMedia Presentation

Chris Farley
Born February 15, 1964
December 18, 1997
33 years old.
John Belushi
Inspiration for going into acting.

(Starred in National Lampoon's Animal House) "As per the medical reports, his arteries, supplying blood to the heart narrowed, leading to Coronary atherosclerosis, resulting from accumulation of fatty materials. This was a major factor contributing to his death." Farley started by playing short scenes in hit movies such as Billy Madison. He then moved on in the footsteps of his idol to the hit TV show Saturday Night Live. Farley was an actor who specialized in comedy. Chris Farley dealt with obesity his entire life, and as a result it helped to contribute to his death. He played roles that picked up on this characteristic. Farley contributed to the second largest preventable death rate in the world. Poor diet. Farley was a beloved actor whose death could have been avoided by a simple change in eating habits and excersize. Obesity should not be this high of a factor in the death toll of our nation.
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