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Kim Harris

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Almanac

A tool for research
The Almanac
What is it?
A Brief (Very) History
Almanacs even appeared in Rome
The oldest existing almanacs were written in
1300s and 1400s
Almanacs appeared in Colonial America in
the 1600s.
Recognize this guy?
Table of Contents and Index
Once you know what you are looking for, you need to know where to find it. The Table of Contents and Index will tell you that.
Table of Contents and Index

An annual paper written by Benjamin Franklin about a fictional character named Richard Saunders. It was published from 1733 to 1758.
The almanac was full of famous sayings such as “Haste makes waste” and “Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” It also contained crop predictions, a chart of phases of the moon, recipes, notes on fashion, and other comments on daily life.
From Liberty Kids
Poor Richard's Almanac
It is a book or pamphlet, usually published once a year, that contains many kinds of information. An almanac often includes a calendar, outstanding dates and events, movements of heavenly bodies, and facts about governments, history, geography, and weather. It may also give figures on population, industry, and farm production.
-World Book

It is a reference book
(so you don't have to read it from cover to cover.
Non Fiction
Published every year
One volume or book
What is in it?
What to remember
Quick, brief facts
Graphs and charts
The table of contents is great for looking up general information, but if you are looking for something specific, use the index. It gives you a way to zero in on the exact page of a specific topic without skimming through lots of pages..
The Almanac
The chapter headings are in bold, colored type.
These are the big, broad topics or categories that are covered in the book.
What kind of order are the chapter topics in?
Headings and subheadings
Headings tell you the subject or topic and what page you will find information about it.
Subheadings sometimes topics are so broad, or the section is large, then the heading needs to be broken down further.
To find:
quick, brief facts
What is the world’s fastest animal?
current (from last year) information
Fires in California
What events happen yearly?
World Series winners
charts / tables
When would you use an almanac?
Online Almanacs
The table of contents lists the contents in page order. It is a good way to get an overview of what is in the book.
The index is a good way to zero in on on specific information and find the page number without skimming through the pages of an entire section.
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