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Copy of The vintage

No description

Ornella Meza

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of The vintage

The vines in summer

The harvest was inaugurated in Rome
on the feast of Vinalia,ceremony that
was offered to Jupiter the first of the
grape and wine. vintage HISTORY WHAT IS VINTAGE? We understand for vintage
the collection or harvest of
wine grapes. Tipes of vintage Manual Mechanical Seasons of the vines The vineyards according to the seasons are at different stages how all the trees The vines in winter The vineyards are lonely in winter In summer the vineyards are full of color and life. At this time the grapes are colected The vines in spring vineyards in the spring season is when the fruits come The vines in autumn vineyards in autumn are beginning to be deserted after the pickup of grapes Tipes of grapes The types of grapes that are dependent on the area which is grown Vitis labrusca Vitis rotundifolia Vitis amurensis
Vitis riparia The Grape Harvest Festival takes place annually in Mendoza Province, Argentina. It is one of the most important festivals in the country attracting . Grape Harvest Festival The first vendimia celebrations in Mendoza Province
occurred in the 17th Century Fruit Blessing The last Sunday of February start of the festival
acts central to the Fruit Blessing ceremony
in which God is thanked for harvest. White Way of the
Queens The last Sunday of February start of the
festival acts central to the Fruit Blessing
ceremony in which God is thanked for harvest. Carousel
vendimiales Central act
A Real Serenade The morning after the White Way is done the Carousel The show is a striking demonstration of sound and light At dawn on Sunday, immediately after being elected the new National Harvest , His Majesty is moved toward the center of the city to salute from the balcony of the Under secretariat of Tourism Any question?? The harvest festival consist in
five events Vintage Festival
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