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1936 Olympics and Henrich Himmler

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Jolene Hamilton

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of 1936 Olympics and Henrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler and 1936 Olympics
By: Katie G., Jolene H., Olivia W.
In 1923, Himmler joined the Nazi party and devoted his life and career after joining. In Novemer 9,1923 him and others marched with Hitler against a German goverment. In January of the year 1929, Hitler raised Himmler up to the leader of the SS ( defece corps). In doing so Himmler helped Hitler out by giving him a few pointers.
Himmler's rise
Heinrich Himmler was the Leader of the SS (defence corps) of the Nazi party from 1929 until 1945. He was in charge of the death camps even though he would nearly faint at the sight of blood.
Himmlers position and contribution
The Olympics took place over a week. From August 1-16 in 1936. This is a very important time because it's right in the middle of Hitlers reign and during the Olympics Hitler camoflauged his wrong-doings so that everything look perfectly normal.
When was the Olympics
Konrad Frey was the main contriubitor to the Germans in the 1936 olymipics. Others weren't as succseful, but very numerous. Because of the sheer amount of Germans in the games, Germany did prevail as the winner of the 1836 olympics, however, Frey was seconded to none other than Jesse Owens. This loss infuriated Hitler, because his "perfect" team wasn't completely victorious.
German Team
American Team
Himmler's Fall and Impact
Who is Heinich Himmler?
Heinrich Himmler childhood
Who won the 1936 Olympics
Hitler's thoughts
Henrich was born in Munich, Germany in October 7, 1900. At age 2 till age 6 he became sick with respitory infections and other illnesses. He was born into a comfortable but staunchly middle-class, Catholic German family. He wrote in dairies and collected stamps, coins, and medieval artifacts just like his father.
He commited suicide by biting into a vial of cyanide that he hid in his mouth. The doctors tried removing it but after 12 minutes they pronounceds his death in May 21, 1945, dying when he was only around the a of 45. His body went missing three days later, because the British moved his remains to a forest in Lunberg.
After the death of Himmler, the family was but into amounts of drama and tasks to overcome to to his actions.
Jesse Owens (USA): won 4 gold medals

Konrad FREY (Germany): won 3 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals

Hendrika Mastenbroek (Netherlands): won 3 gold and 1 silver medals
Berlin 1936
Jesse Owens
Konrad Frey
Hendrika Mastenbroek
Jesse Owens was etched in sport history then and was hated by Hitler because he won so many medals.

* Only 10 out of 20 people from Germany medaled in Gold others were in bronze and silver.
There were many contoversies in the Olympics over the rules about Jewish athletes. Many felt like it was discriminating but everyone agreed to let the games continue on. In the 400-meter relay, controversy arose when Jewish American athletes Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller were told to sit out and replaced by athletes Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalfe.
Jessie Owens about to making his winning 400-meter jump.
Heinich Himmler was the second most powerful man in Germany during the Holocaust. He was in charge of the death camps, the SS (defence corps), he also was the cheif of German officers. He was one of Hitler's most loyal men.
Hitler was trying to cover up the fact that he was trying to get rid of all the Jews. He hosted the 1936 olympics to let the other countries to think that nothing happened. Hitler was unpleased about almost all things that happened during the games. Jews unlike the years before were expelled from their training areas, olympics, and were striped from any group they were a part of. He made it to were Jews could not participate in them that year.
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