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No description

Jordan Rajiah

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Intro

Travel While You're Young
We are young, we are lost, and we are growing up into a complicated world. What does life have to offer?
Would you rather read about it in class, or would you rather go on an adventure and see it yourself?
Besides America(The land of fast food).. Other countries all around the world take pride in their food. Nutritious, organic food is actually popular in other countries.. Not to mention - It tastes amazing!
Staying in one place does not add much of a variety of people to be around. When you travel, you're going to have to meet a lot of different kinds of people. The exposure will help you learn about the types of people that you should have in your life.. or not to have around.
Traveling can answer
many of these questions
and further expand our knowledge of the world.
Lifestyle and Perspectives
Learn the customs of other cultures!

Olive oil > Butter
Traveling gives you a whole new appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles, which broadens your horizons and can help you enjoy life that much more. And, depending on your where you're visiting, traveling can give you a whole new perspective of where you live.
You'll have an attitude adjustment
You'll have memories that you won't ever forget
Life is an adventure,
You will make lasting friendships
You will begin to appreciate the unknown. The world will make you curious!
As the saying goes, "A change is as good as a rest." A trip of any kind provides you with a break from the norm, and that alone can inject you with energy. It's therapeutic to make a change from your daily school going, back pack carrying, homework avoiding routine. This will prevent your mind and body from stagnating.
Avoid The Monotony
Learn new hobbies,
explore career options,
find your purpose,
make some friends...

Let the world influence you, expand your mind to all of the possibilities!!
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