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Athletes should be considered role models.

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Joey Lovorn

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Athletes should be considered role models.

Athletes Should be Considered Role models. The Good Examples that Many Professional Athletes set. Conclusion: Most kids and other young adults look up to professional athletes
for many reasons. One reason is that the athletes show great determination and dedication during the games. The kids and young adults can relate this to their everyday lives. The athletes show that you can never quit and have to push to your goals. A lot of the good Athletes know that they are role models so they won't do drugs.They show that when you work hard you can achieve anything you want. Therefore giving young children to believe and dream and to try to make it happen Since its easy for kids to look up to athletes as role model since they are on T.V. and the media make them seem like super-heroes. but they are human so they will make mistakes. But most athletes are not going to use steroids if there good, but the ones that are bad do it to get better to become role models. Its true parents should not rely on athletes to be role models buts it going to happen because of the technology. So they either have to step up and be better role models to their kids or just trust the athletes to make the right choice. But the good athletes will.
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