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Brennan-Kung Fu

No description

Logan Brennan

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Brennan-Kung Fu

Kung Fu
What are the Five Animals and what do they Represent?
-The Five animals of Kung Fu are:
What are the Different Styles of Kung Fu?
What is the History of Kung Fu?
What is Kung Fu?
-Many legends of who really created Kung Fu (Bohidharma, Da Mo)
-When legend returned he tought the Buddhist Monks
Da Mo
The Birthplace
-Shaolin Temple was birthplace
-Helped grow
The Evolution
-Buddhists monks practiced and practiced
-Evolved from meditation to combat
-Kung Fu is a type of martial that helps with various skills
-Increases strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility
-Represents gracfullness and flow
-Represents fast and sleek
-Represents power but also agility
-Represents elegency but also forcefulness
-Represents fast and deadly
The styles of Kung Fu are based off the movements and patterns of animals.
The Main Styles
-The ten main styles are:
-White Crane
-Wing Chun
-Pak Mei
-Monkey Style
-Choy Lay Fut
-Hung Gar
-Hung Kuen
-Praying Mantis
-Jeet Kune Do

-Consists of blocking, punching, striking, kicking, seizing, grappling, and throwing techniquies

-Respect for the master

Other Skills
-Patience, tolerance, and understading
How does Buddhism Influence Kung Fu?
-Started in a Buddhist temple
-In order to follow path of compassion, you must root out heart of evil
-Is in line with faith an spirituality of Buddhism
Kung Fu is a tradtion that has been passed down from generation to generation and is still a very big part of the Chinese culture
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