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'Imagine' by John Lennon

Analysing a Song

Eishan Beotra

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of 'Imagine' by John Lennon

Analysing a Song 'Imagine' By John Lennon Paragraph 1 Imagine, written and sung in 1971 by English musician, John Lennon is a song about bringing peace to the world. He wanted to stop all the wars and wants the world to be one; it is about imagining how good the world would look like if it wasn’t like it is now. The world right now is dirty and polluted whereas he wants it to be clean and wants the world to be a non-toxic place. Paragraph 2 In the song there are a number of lines that proves my point. Some of those lines are ‘Imagine there is no countries’ on the first line of the second verse which proves my point that John Lennon wants the world to be one big country. Paragraph 3 The last line of the chorus John Lennon sings ‘I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be one. The historical and cultural environment of this song is to stop wars and make the world a wonderful place. He also wants no greed or hunger in the world. ‘Nothing to kill or die for’ in other words means he wants no greed which is the cause of most conflicts. He wants nobody to kill anyone else for anything like money or gold. In the text I came across the line which said ‘nothing to kill or die for’ which is the perfect line to prove my point. John Lennon wants people to imagine how great the world if it wasn’t a need to fight over things. Paragraph 4 The structure of the song has 4, 6 lined verses and 2, 4 lined choruses. This gives it a catchy tune and makes the reader feel more emotional. There is rhyme, the second and the fourth line in every verse, for example: try and sky, do and too, can and man. Those two words rhyme, which makes it catchy. ‘Imagine’ has an irregular chorus. Though the choruses are irregular they are close to being regular because the only difference between the two choruses is that the first chorus has ‘and the world will be one’ whereas the second chorus has ‘and the world will live as one’. So the only difference is the two words: be and live. Paragraph 5 Repetition, Evocative Language, Personification and Symbolism are all language features used in this song. John Lennon has used Repetition by repeating the chorus twice. John Lennon has done this to emphasize his point about peace. He has used personification a number of times. For example: in the first verse he has used the word you, which is including the reader in and helps making it more effective. In the chorus the words: you, I’m and you’ll are used to include the reader. He has used symbolism in the whole song because the whole song symbolises peace and the whole world being one big country. Paragraph 6 The song has evocative language throughout the song to make the reader think about war and peace and make them realise that it is not doing the world any good. Unfortunately in this peaceful song John Lennon has not used any similes or metaphors. Paragraph 8 The musical genre for John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ would vary between pop and rock in the time it was created but nowadays the younger generations would call it Classic Rock. Paragraph 9 The musical elements used in John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ are piano and drums. They have used piano all the way through the song and they started using the drums when the first verse started. He kept the same tone throughout the entire song except he sings the last paragraph in a higher volume. Lennon sings the first chorus and the all the verses in a low pitched voice then when he sings the line ‘ooooohhhh’ he sings it in a high pitched voice. Paragraph 10 The tempo and pace stays the same throughout the son the mood of the song is peaceful which symbolises the peace and relaxation when there is now war and when everyone gets along. The vocal style in the song is very slow which gives the effect that he is very sad because the world is not how he imagined it and is totally different. John Lennon imagines the world as a peaceful and non-violent place whereas the world right now has wars going on and also factories are releasing gases that are breaking the Earth’s atmosphere. Paragraph 11 In John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ it has numerous amounts of messages. One of the messages the song symbolises is people stopping all these wars and working together. Another message in this song carries is that the world should be one big country because in the text John Lennon has sung the ‘imagine there is no countries’ which means that the world should be one. The powerful message in this peaceful song is that there should be nothing that people would kill for. Some things that people would kill other people for would be gold, money and maybe food. Paragraph 12 In conclusion `John Lennon has done a great job influencing me and no doubt that I will try to make other people have the same feeling and help stop war. The intended audience is everyone “so the world can live as one”. This song has been really been effective because of all its language features and multiple messages that would make the world a better place. It is clear that this song’s message is to make the world a better place and no doubt it will.

Bibliography www.johnlennon.com
Done By Eishan Beotra
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