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Career Shadowing

No description

Shelby Mills

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

The purpose of the company is to go to jobs and look at the job and estimate what they need done at the job and go back to the office and put a sum sheet together and give it to the company so they can see what they have to pay and what a/c unit they want to go with. The company will be just the same in 15 year.
But it will grow a little each year. Employability skills:
dressed in the right clothes,
Always go to the jobs they are told to go to, Always be on time and ready to go. The avarage salary is about 80,000 a year.
The education is At least a high school diploma
Technology used:
they do manly everything on the computer, the use word, Excel ect. Skills you need:
Computer skills,
Math Skills and people skills. Career Shadowing Would you pursure a career with this company?
I might not because i really
dont think it would be fun to work
with air conditioning units. What did you like the best about this job?
I liked that i got to go to the jobs and
look at the units and see what was wrong with them. What do you dislike about this job?
I dislike that it kinda get boring just sitting
in the office programing Numbers into the sum sheets
for the prices the buissnesses have to pay for the unit
to get fixed of to get a new unit in.
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