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Architecture since the Stone Age

Jessica Peixoto

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Architecture

2530-2470 bc
Orders of Columns
72-80 ad
Stonehenge (2000 bc)
The Colosseum
448-432 bc
The Great Pyramids, Giza
Greek Architecture
Paestum, Basilica
c. 550 bc
Roman Architecture
The Pont du Gard
Roman Aqueduct
5th century BC
The Pantheon
118-125 ad
The Arch of Constantine
312-315 ad
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Support system of a dome on both a square base and with pendentives
Byzantine Architecture
St. Marks Basilica, Venice
St. Basil, Moscow
Romanesque Architecture
St. Sernin
San Sernin, in Toulouse, is a typical pilgrimage style church. This is a Latin Cross Floor Plan with clearly defined parts.- basilica plan modified for large crowds

1/2 of the crossing square = 1 bay

side aisles = 1/4 of the crossing square
The 4 side aisles form one continuous circuit around the transept, nave and apse. Parts of this ambulatory aisle were separated by a screen (to give privacy to monks doing the mass or other services), and allow visitors to walk back to view the relics without disturbing anything going on in the nave or choir areas
Cross Vaults
Barrel Vaults
Tower over the crossing

Apse with radiating chapels
Post and Lintel Construction
Roman Arch
The tympanum is the arch over the main doorways and it can have a carving or painting to embellish the building.
Front doors are called the facade
Engaged Columns
Greek Cross Floor Plan
Clerestory Windows
Principles of Gothic Architecture
-A feeling of verticality.
-Unity of design.
-Natural light (associated with Heaven).
-A sense of openness.
-Decorative features tell the story of Christianity.
-Floor plan in the shape of a Latin Cross.
-At least three portals in the façade.
Chartres Cathedral
Decorations on the exterior that were also used as a gutter system
Flying Buttresses
Apse Exterior
Bay Windows
National Cathedral, Washington, DC
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Tower over crossing
Gothic Architecture
St. John's, NYC
Basilica Floor Plan
More Modern churches with Traditional and Non-Traditional Influences
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