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My Graphic Design Portfolio

Elisabeth Bridges

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Portfolio

Elisabeth Bridges Graphic Design Portfolio Associate in Applied Science degree in Graphic Technologies, Clover Park Technical College, Lakewood WA
• Basic design skills, graphic design software, prepress, web design.
• Earned a 4.0 GPA in every class.
• Gained a place on the President’s list every quarter. Adobe Creative Suite
• Photoshop for image editing, retouching, and repair.
• InDesign to create multiple page documents.
• Illustrator to create complex vector artwork.
• Some Dreamweaver knowledge and experience.
• Some Flash knowledge and experience.

• Understand methods of producing plates, as well as how to send a digital file through a Raster Image Processor.

Other Computer Skills
• Can use QuarkXPress to create multiple page projects and layouts.
• Type at approximately 55 words per minute. Collaboration
• Completed an internship in Pierce College's Marketing and Communications department.
• Perform in the Corps de Ballet of a local dance company.
• Worked alongside other members of my YoungLife group on various fundraisers.

Good learner
• Being home schooled through 11th grade taught me to be self-motivated.

Good communication skills
• Very willing to listen

High Ethical Standards

Critical Thinking Skills
• Capable and willing to work on a problem until a proper solution is found. Seeking internship or entry-level position in Graphic Design. Education Skills & Abilities Personal Objective: Photo Manipulation Multiple-Page Documents Prepress Internship Volunteer and Freelance Thank you for your time! I layered an image of Mt. Rainier and a girl’s face and started playing around with blending modes and blending options until I got these results!. I designed these book covers in Photoshop, using vector shapes and raster images. I adjusted the size and resolution of the images, applied filters to them, and created the composite image. To fix the sailor, I made selections of all the pieces, copied them to their own layers, and patched them together, using the clone stamp and healing brush to clean it up. I scanned this photo and repaired it in Photoshop, using several tools, including the clone stamp and healing brush. I colored it using hue and saturation adjustment layers. For this school project, I created a 16 page magazine. I used Photoshop to format the cover image, Illustrator to create the ads, which I saved as EPS files, and InDesign for the layout. This calendar spread was also inspired by the IACC. I used Photoshop to format the background images, and InDesign to create the tables and page layout. The first page. The magazine was inspired by The International Association of Character Cities. The character traits are from Achieving True Success: How to Build Character as a Family. The back cover. I created the vector illustration in Illustrator, and added the text in InDesign. A thorough knowledge of the history of prepress has given me a good understanding of present-day methods. While interning in Pierce College's Marketing and Communications department, I spent my extra time using Photoshop's pen tool to cut people out of their backgrounds for use in the college's promotional materials and website. I updated the temporary parking permits for both of Pierce College's campuses in Illustrator, using provided maps. I created this shirt design for the West Central District's 2010 High School Cross Country Championships.
The shirts sold out on the day of the meet. Part of a business package I created for a new BBQ catering company. I created the logo in Illustrator and did the page layout in InDesign. I created this design in Illustrator for my YoungLife area. They used it on the shirts and award certificates they handed out to the runners. I created these logos in Illustrator for a local contest, and won Second Place I built this mailer in InDesign for the Anderson Island Historical Society's annual Apple Squeeze. Resume Galleries Recommendations I shot a photo through a halftone screen to produce this negative... Which I used to create this blueline proof... And finally, to create this halftone positive.
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