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An Epic Tale of a Food's Digestive Journey

No description

Aiden P

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of An Epic Tale of a Food's Digestive Journey

An Epic Tale of a Food's Digestive Journey
Where am I? - The Plate
Hi. My name is George. I am piece of Hawaiian pizza. I am special because I have pineapples on me and pineapples come from Hawaii. Today, Eddie is getting ready to eat me. Once he starts chewing, I will look very different than I do now.
Where am I? - The Mouth
Teeth, Tongue and Salivary Glands
Where am I? -the Esophagus
A Digestion Story
by Aiden Podell (KC Leader)
This is a story about digestion. You will see my favorite food go through the entire digestive journey from beginning to end. Don't be too grossed out as you learn about digestion. Enjoy the story.
Here I go! Eddie is chewing me up with his teeth. He is moving me around with his tongue and his saliva is helping to mush me up into a soft ball of mush called bolus.
Eddie swallowed me down into the esophagus. I'm being squeezed down by the muscles. This is called peristalsis. I am traveling down long muscular tube heading toward the stomach. I feel like I'm on a very steep slide!
Where am I? - The Stomach
Where am I? - The Duodenum of the Small Intestine being squirted by pancreatic juices
Where am I? - The Duodenum of the Small Intestine being squirted by bile
Where am I? - The Large Intestine
Where am I? - The Rectum and Anus
Where am I? - The Toilet
Where Am I? - The Small Intestine
I am dropped into a giant sac called the stomach. The muscles are moving me through peristalsis. This is mechanical digestion. It is filled with gastric juices, like hydrochloric acid. The juices are breaking me down into a watery liquid called chyme. This is chemical digestion. There is some food here that Eddie had for breakfast too.
This keeps getting worse. Now I am being squirted by pancreatic juices, which were produced by the pancreas. They help break me down so that Eddie's body can suck up my nutrients.
Now, I'm being squirted by bile, which was made in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. This icky stuff breaks up the fats that are in me. Did you know that some of the fats are actually good for Eddie?
It is tight in here. I made it through the duodenum, but now I have to finish getting through the small intestine. The little villi in here are grabbing all of my nutrients to give to Eddie.
I finally finished getting through the small intestine and it is much wider in the large intestine. It feels nice here. I might be here for up to three days and while I'm here, the large intestine is absorbing all the water that is left in me.
I am no longer George, the Hawaiian pizza. I am George, the poop. I am sitting in the rectum waiting to leave
with the help of the anus.

Now I left the body . I am now in the
toilet. here comes the big flush!
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