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Professional Profile

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Kelley Sundin

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Professional Profile

Kelley Marie Sundin
mezzo soprano II conductor II educator
Curriculum Vitae
Creating quality musical experiences within my community has always driven me as an artist and teacher. I strive through the arts to cultivate meaningful connections with people, whether that be through a holiday flashmob sent as a greeting card to friends of the University or through a solo and/or choral concert performance. I desire to create musical programs that engage with different populations through innovative practice, thinking outside the box to establish deeper musical and personal connections. Exploring and sharing music from different cultures and regions of the world along with expanding performance opportunities beyond the concert hall allows music to have a greater capacity to build bridges among people. Creative expression, academic scholarship, and teaching pedagogy are all central to my music making, but these are only a means to an end. My passion is for human connection, understanding, and exchange, and I believe great music has the power to do so, increasing cultural understanding and strengthening community.
Personal Statement
email: kelley.sundin@gmail.com
phone: +49 157 78471699
skype: sundke01
Contact Information
University of Minnesota, Holiday Flashmob
Lead and Co-Choreographer, Kelley Sundin
University of Minnesota Women's Chorus
Conductor, Kelley Sundin
Ave Maria
, Bach/Gounod
Sapphische Ode
, Brahms
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