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Ghost Stories (鬼)

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17 huam1

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Ghost Stories (鬼)

ghost stories (1)
Ghost stories are scary stories, supernatural events and rumours. People like to tell ghost stories at night, when camping because it adds to the atmostphere and makes people "excited" and frightened. Ghost stories have become movies, as some Chinese ones have, and have become easily accessible entertainment.
Chinese Ghost Stories
Ghost sTORIES (2)
A Touch of Zen. . .
Once upon a time there was a guy called Jinling , he was almost 30 years old, but hadn't even married yet. This is because he had to take care of his sick mother.
One day, a girl and an old lady moved into the empty house which was right next to them. Jinling never look at them after they moved in. But one day when Jinling was walking to the market, they run into each other and they started to talk. Jinling immediately fell in love with her. He never felt that way before. They started to hang out more after that.
One day, the girl told him that she is pregnant. He was very shocked, but said he would take all the responsibilty.
The girl didn't appear for 3 days after she told him she was pregnant. After a week, someone knocked on Jinling's house door. It was the girl and she was carrying their baby and also a fabric bag.
As he took the baby from her, he asked her what was in the bag. She explained, "This bag has a human head in it, it's the reason why I am in this place, because I have to help my father to have revenge and I have to leave now. After that, a lightning hit outside Jinling's house and the girl left with it.
Ghost stories (3)
Single Braid
(Located at Chinese University in Hong Kong where quite a lot of short ghost stories are connected to):

Single Braid Road is located behind the Chung Chi Canteen in the Chinese University. Some male students when walking by there at night have seen a girl with beautiful braided hair; when they approached her to get a good look at her they were shocked to discover that she did not have a face, there was another single braid.
It is said that this girl was an illegal immigrant from mainland China, and that she came with her boyfriend surnamed Lau from the mainland on the train. Because she was afriad that if she went to Kowloon she would be checked for an ID, she jumped from the train near where the university is today. She jumped first but her hair got stuck in the train door so that her hair and face were ripped off. She died. Her boyfriend saw this and did not dare to jump. He went all the way to Kowloon before getting off the train, entered the city and after getting work, went to find the girl but could not find her. Later people oftens saw her near there walking to and from.
Note: There is another version where the girl has no face.
Ghost Festival
There are many ghosts in Chinese culture; they have been worshipped by the Chinese for a few thousand years. Even Confucius said, "Respect ghosts and gods, but keep away from them." The ghosts take many forms depending on the way in which the person died, and are often harmful. Many of the Chinese ghost beliefs have been accepted by neighboring cultures, notably Japan and south-east Asia. Ghost beliefs are closely associated with the traditional Chinese religion based on ancestor worship, many of which were incorporated in Taoism. Later beliefs were influenced by Buddhism, and in turn influenced and created uniquely Chinese Buddhist beliefs.

Many Chinese people today consider that it is possible to contact the spirits of their ancestors through a medium, and that the ancestor can help their descendants if properly respected and rewarded. The annual ghost festival is celebrated by Chinese around the world. On this day ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm. Ghosts are described in classical Chinese texts, and continue to be depicted in modern literature and movies.
The Chinese Ghost Fesitval is known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, or Yu Lan. This is a traditional Chinese festival and holiday celebrated by Chinese in many countries

In Chinese tradition, the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month, in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm.
Why did we choose chinese ghost stories as our topic?
Zhong Yao, a man of Yingchuan, Henan, had already stopped seeking out his friends for eating and drinking engagements for several months now. He had just dropped out of sight. When some of his old pals finally ran into him, they noticed a change had come over him. He just didn't seem himself; he seemed burdened. So one of his friends asked him if he was all right.

Pretty White Dress:
Because ghost stories make a really interesting topic to study and while doing this presentation, we can explore another belief while introducing more fascinating Chinese ghost stories to other people . Also, ghost stories and the belief of ghosts played a huge part in the making of the China we know today and China's history.
How does
ghost stories
influence china?
China has been shadowed by ghost stories for years, in this presentation, we will tell you more about Chinese ghost stories that were told from grandmothers to grandchildren, from school to school. Ghost stories come from China's belief that ghosts exist and that they are their ancestors, to be respected and rewarded. The ghost stories might make their belief even more real-life. Several stories are puzzling or even crazy to many non-chinese listeners, but most chinese understand the stories to be frightening, especially if they know the place where it happened.
Gui >> the general Chinese term for ghost, used in combination with other symbols to give related meanings
Mo Gui >> Devil
Yan >> Nightmare
Zhong Kui >> the vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings. Portraits of him were hung in Chinese houses at the end of the Chinese lunar year to scare away evil spirits and demons
Yan Wang ( Yan Luo) >> the god of death and the sovereign of the underworld. He is also the judge of the underworld, and decides whether the dead will have good or miserable future lives
By: Cissy, Sarah, Man-ching, Conor and Jake
He gritted his teeth, ran to the table and grabbed the knife. He attacked her and they struggled. She was somehow able to get away, though he had nicked her leg, making her cry out in pain. She made it outside and escaped into the street, patting her wound with cotton liner from her vest, trailing blood in the street.
The next day, Zhong Yao had a friend follow the bloody trail. It led all the way into the cemetery and ended at a tomb. When Zhong Yao heard this, he mustered his courage and went with a couple of his friends to the cemetery.
"Well . . . ," he replied slowly, hesitantly, "a girl . . . a girl often comes to visit me."
In those days, such things were just not likely to happen. Moreover, Zhong Yao appeared anguished. The friends put two and two together.
"Listen, Yao," said one of the friends, "you're being visited not by a human but by a ghost. Don't fall for her charms. She means you harm. Next time she comes by, you need to kill her."
The friends parted. Zhong Yao returned home.
That had been some mighty drastic advice! The suggestion left Zhong more confused, uneasy than ever. To kill her! Yet, to let her grow upon him, as a ghost does like a cancer, weakening him, sickening him . . . That was hardly an acceptable alternative as well. He was torn up about what to do; the choices were both eating him alive. He knew his friends had been right; she was an evil spirit. But the solution! He couldn't stand the thought of what he must do.
Ghost Stories (1) Continued...
Not many days later, the girl, wearing her pretty white silk dress and red vest, showed up at his front gate. This time, though, she just stood there, unwilling to enter.
"Well, why don't you come in?" asked Zhong Yao.
The girl paused before answering. She finally spoke. "You're planning to kill me."
"What? How could you even say such a thing?" He motioned for her to enter, which
she did, ever so hesitantly.

There, they dug up the coffin from this tomb where the trail of blood had ended. They opened the coffin to find a beautiful but dead young woman, whose flesh was totally uncorrupted, who
looked as fresh and alive the last time he had seen her,
clothed in a white silk dress under a red vest made
even redder by stanching the flow
of blood...
She was now inside his home. Zhong Yao felt his head would burst. A knife lay on the table. Should he step quickly over to the table and grab the knife?
He clapped his hands onto his head; he felt his veins throbbing. Should he just let her go? Then what? She'd return again and again, and he'd grow sicker and sicker; eventually he'd waste away to nothing . . .
Meanwhile, she stood there, watching him.
Ghost Stories (4)
The Little Finger:
A student often studied in the University Library (Chinese University) until it closed then he walked back to Chung Chi College. Everytime he passed a small park he saw a young girl sitting on a swing. Finally one day he went up to her and started talking with her. From then on, he would talk with her for a while before going back to his hall. Later when he talked with his friends about this, he dicovered that the young girl looked like a teacher's daughter who had dies in a traffic accident. That girl had lost her little finger. The student was very curious and wanted to know whether the girl was missing her little finger. When he found out that the girl did not have a little finger,
he was very scared. Later when he went by there in the evenings
he did not see the girl again.
Ghost Stories (6)
My story happened in July 1995 when I was visting Hong Kong for the second time, after going out with some friends and going on the way back to my uncle's flat. I am not too familiar with Hong Kong, so please forgive me if I said Central, and its not.

This involved the section from the Ice House location all the way to Conduit Rd. I remember it was late at night, it was about 2am. I was all by myself, no one else was on the escalator as I could notice. I had a strange feeling as being watched. Then I saw the video cameras. It was strange. At first I thought someone was walking up the escalator fast to get somewhere quick, as it was coming below from all the way down where I began my journey up on the escalator. It was not a running pattern of sound, but a fast walking pace sound coming up towards you. It made some kind of metallic thunk sound each time it was coming towards me. I felt a cold wind and the metallic thunk sound coming closer, but the same rate of speed.

I decided to stop and listen at a level platform, and peered down. Normally if you peered down from this point you can see all the way down clearly of 3 sections of the escalator of where the noise was coming from. Nothing was there, but the noise of the metallic thunk sound stopped, as if whatever was making that noise knew I was looking at it. As I left the level landing I continued up the escalator, and the metallic thunk started up the escalators again in a more hurried pace as if it was trying to catch up to me. I decided to quicken my pace as well as I started to walk up the escalator instead of letting it carry me.
Ghost stories (7)
Room 111:
In room 111 of Grace Tien Hall, a student did a crazy experiment. He wanted to go to another dimension of space. He used an electric wire to coil around his body. The end of the wire was attached to an alarm clock. When the alarm rang, he died immediately of electric shock. His roommate did not know he was dead. He just saw a message left by him the night before which said, "I will come back soon."
Ghost Stories (5)
Until this point there was no one on the escalator, neither going up or down. I noticed on the other side the escalator was turned off, non moving. Each time I passed by a security camera I stopped for a few seconds and I waved for help as I was starting to get scared.

But no one came to my rescue. Nothing at all. As the sound was getting closer, it made me run up the escalator now. And I realized that I was breaking the rule of not running. But yet passing the security camera and thinking seeing me do this they would come stop me from running. But nothing still. The sound was getting louder and closer, and I envisioned some kind of invisible horrible thing one section behind me. I did not dare to look back, and kept running at full tilt by now, up the escalators, and starting to skip over each step, concentrating carefully and not wanting to trip on one. As I got to the top of the escalator section I quickly turned and continued to run full tilt. As I turned my head and looked at the escalator, I saw two red eyes, and nothing else. I quickly remembered that there was a cafe that opened late and I quickly ducked in there. The staff were the only ones there just eating.

One elderly lady screamed and pointed at the two red eyes. A man grabbed the idol of "Guan Yu" and held it towards the door, and the red eyes disappeared. Until this day it haunts me and am scared to use the escalator alone. I later found out that this part of the mountain had a lot of landslides that have killed many.
ghost stories (5)
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