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Harlequin Strategy Case

No description

Richard Cunningham

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Harlequin Strategy Case

Should Harlequin try to sell single title books? Harlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision Recommendations S W O T Problem Barriers to Entry
Rivalry Barriers
Buyer Barriers
Substitute Barriers
Suppliers Barriers External Analysis Does Harlequin have the necessary resources and capabilities to enter into this Single-Title Market? Internal Analysis- Daulton V
Harlequin has the capabilities to exploit an external opportunity
Authors- Exhibit 6?
Brand Name and Loyalty
Causal Ambiguity
Social Complexity
Structured to distribute for series Internal Analysis- Daulton Change Organization- authors writing the single title books
Change Distribution Recommendations- Solana Entry External Analysis 6.05Billion Books sold=
259,000 books/day Change Organization- authors V Internal Analysis capabilities & resources for opportunities and threats Fast
Brand Name and Loyalty
Subscriptions Causal Ambiguity
Social Complexity Structured to distribute for series Range of Single Titles from Worldwide(1987)
Book Title Type/Genre Unit Sales Data Harlequin Series Author
Longest Pleasure Romance 304,000 Yes Quarantine Horror 62,000 No Eve of Regression Psychological Thriller 55,000 No
War of Moon Suspence 72,000 No
Illusion Psychological Suspense 35,000 No
Dream Escape Romance 297,000 Yes
Alien Planet Science Fiction 71,000 No O I R Suppliers Substitute Buyer Rivalry Advertising Change Distribution Romance Novel Sales (millions)
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