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The life of Shannon Rendall, 1B2

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The life of Shannon Rendall, 1B2

my life<3
Shannon Rendall
I like sci-fi movies.
I like electronics.
I really want these<3
I just love this pattern so much, and it's the hipster triangle, haha. :)
I love mustaches as you all probably know.
I like singing and
playing instuments<3
I was born on the 5th of March, 2000.
I was born in the Simpson's hospital in Edinburgh. High five for being a yellow baybay!
Where it all started..
I like singing, dancing, shopping, playing the keyboard, going out with friends, enjoying myself, and having a good time:-)<3
My hobbies<3..
woah, woah..
it's always a good time<3
I love horror movies
I am a bubbly person. I like to think i'm funny but my friends would probabaly tell you otherwise, haha:L
Well there's me, my mum, my step-dad Gavin and my
little sister Bryony, who's 4. We're a very weird family and they're so embarassing sometimes. Oh wait, forgetting someone, my fat budgie Fifi. You can't go near her because she just bites & bites & bites. She's a little demon, i mean it.
My family.
I basically only use these applications
on the computer.
Well when i'm older I want to be a singer but the chances of that happening are one in a million so I want to design clothes for high street shops because I think it would be original and fun.
My ambitions.
For Mr McFarlane!:D
This is the duplicate of Fifi, I swear:L<3
I hope you enjoyed my Prezi:)!<3
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