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ruby pilfold

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of football

these two fantastic and skillful teams are both in the same league(la liga) and have a variety of phenomenal players including Messi,Neymar jr, Suarez,Ronaldo,Bale and Ramos but which team is better?
this presentation features facts about legendary football players and teams, videos of some of the greatest goals and many more
real Madrid vs barcelona continued...
In conclusion both Madrid and Barcelona are amazing and skillful teams and they are both in the top spanish league however in my opinion Real Madrid are better because they have beat barcelona 11-1 twice as well as this Real has a larger amount of experienced players than Barcelona so they are a slightly more advanced team and so that is why real Madrid is better in my opinion.
my top 10 legendary players...
10.Joe Hart (Manchester city and England)
height:1.96m/6ft 5in
Joe hart plays as a goalkeeper for 2 teams and has won the barclays premier league golden glove award in 2011 for keeping the most clean sheets and continued this for three years in a row.As well as this he also won the etihad player of the month in august 2010 and then again in march 2015
barclays premier league
the history of football...
Around 300 years ago the first match of football was played however it was very different from how we play it now for a start they used a pigs head instead of a proper football. So over the years football has changed massively and the sport has became a lot more popular. The first game of English football was played by England and Scotland in 1870. As well this the uniform of a footballer has also changed.

I hope that you have enjoyed my presentation and have found out some facts about my top ten legendary players,the barclays premier league teams , Real Madrid and Barcelona☺☺☺
9.alexis sanchez (arsenal and chile
heght:5ft 6in
Alexis Sanchez usually plays as a midfeilder or centere and since he has been at arsenal has played in the FA cup and the FA community sheild. Also he has won arsenal player of the year in 2014-2015 and was nominated as the kids choice awards favourite uk football player in 2015.Alexis has also scored a total of 31 goals whilst being at arsenal.
8. Steven Gerrard(L.A galaxy)
height 6ft
Steven Gerrard,at the present time plays for L.A galaxy however his greatest accomplishments were made and formed at Liverpool football club where he spent in total 17 years at! Whilst playing for Liverpool he received a vast amount and variety of awards including UEFA club footballer of the year-2005,Liverpool player of the year-2004,2006,2007 and 2009,premier league player of the moth in March 2001,March 2003,December 2004,April 2006,March 2009 and then again in March 2014.As well as this he has also scored a great 120 goals during his time at Liverpool
7.eden hazard(Chelsea)
height:5ft 8in
Eden Hazard plays as a midfielder for Chelsea football club,he joined the club in 2012 and since then has scored 38 goals,has won the Chelsea player of the year in 2013-2014 and 2014-201,premier league player of the season in 2015 and many more.Eden has also played for the national Belgium team in previous years.
6.Sergio Aguero(Manchester city)
age: 27
height:5ft 8in
Sergio Aguero at the moment plays for Manchester city and since his arrival in 2011 has scored 84 goals and won the etihad player of the month in February 2012,October 2013,October 2014,November 2014 and then again in April 2015.
As well as this he has also won the etihad player of the year-2011-2012 and 2014-2015 also he won etihad goal of the season in 2011-2012 premier league player of the month-October 2013 and in November 2014.
find out my all time top 10 players
my topic is...
5. Wayne Rooney(Manchester united and England)
height:5ft 9in
Wayne Rooney has played at Manchester united for 12 years and has been awarded with a vast amount of trophy's and awards featuring the Premier League Player of the Season 2009–2010,
Premier League Player of the Month : February 2005, December 2005, March 2006, October 2007 and January 2010. Also rooney has won the title of scoring the most goals for England!

4. Luis Suarez ( Barcelona fc)
height:5ft 11in
Luis Suarez currently plays for Barcelona and has made a huge impact on the football club. Since his arrival in 2014, only a year ago he has scored 37 goals Suarez also scored a vast amount of goals for liverpool fc where in total he scored a great 82 goals as well as this he won a number of awards including Liverpool FC Player of the Year : 2012–13, 2013–14 andLiverpool FC Top Goalscorer : 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14

3.Neymar jr (Barcelona)
height:5ft 9in
Neymar junior plays for Barcelona fc and since his arrival in 2013 has scored in total 40 goals as well as scoring goals for the team he also is a very skillful player and because of this has helped Barcelona win the majority of their matches. Like Luis Suarez he has made a huge impact on the team,also he has been honored with a number of awards including the fifa Golden Ball: 2013 and the fifa Bronze Shoe: 2013.Neymar is also one of Barcelona's youngest and most skillful players.

2.lionel Messi (Barcelona)
height:5ft 7in
Messi also currently plays for Barcelona as center forward however in my opinion he has made a bigger impact on the team than Suarez and neymar jr due to the fact that he is slightly more experienced since he has been plying for Barcelona for 11 years and since his arrival in 2004 has scored a fantastic 289 goals for the team! As well as this he has been honored with a colossal amount of awards including the European Golden Shoe: 2010, 2012, 2013,UEFA Club Footballer of the Year: 2009,UEFA Club Football Award for Best Forward: 2009 and UEFA Best Player in Europe Award: 2011, 2015

1.cristiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid)
height:6ft 1in
Ronaldo is my all time number one player because he is very skillful and has scored in total 231 goals even though this is less than Messi ronaldo has only been playing for his current team for 6 years whilst messi has been playing for twelve. I have also chose him as my favourite player because he plays for one of the best teams in the world. Ronlado has won a number of awards and here are just a few of them:UEFA Champions League top scorer: 2007–08, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15,UEFA Club Forward of the Year: 2007–08,UEFA Club Footballer of the Year: 2007–08,FIFA Club World Cup Silver Ball: 2008, 2014
FIFPro World Player of the Year: 2008 and the World Soccer Player of the Year: 2008, 2013, 2014

in the barclays premier league there are 20 teams however only 1 team can win the entire league at the end of the season.
what team has won the barclays premier league the most times?

the barclays premier league as we know began in 1992/93 and a large majority of teams have entered it since.Of the 47 clubs that have competed in the barclays premier league, five have won the title: Manchester United (13), Chelsea (4), Arsenal (3), Manchester City (2) and Blackburn Rovers (1). So in conclusion Manchester united have won the league a fantastic 13 times however the last time they won it was in was 3 years ago and now other teams are stronger so may someone take them over?...
the league in 1993 was called the f.a premier league instead of the barclays premier league.
where did it all begin?
The barclays premier league (or the F.A premier league as it was known in previous years) first started in 1992 when football was not as popular as it is today and in England there were only a few leagues and divisions and so when the F.A premier league started every football team in England tried there best to get a place in the league the first amongst these were:Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester united, Manchester city and Aston villa.When the league first started it was not sponsored by anyone however in 1993 the league was sponsored by carling and then in 2001 by today's sponsorship, Barclays
as you can see in 1992, 22 teams were allowed to enter instead of 20
here are some pictures and videos of the greatest barclays premier league highlights...
This outstanding football club was formed in 1902 and since then have always worn the same coloured home kit (white.) Real Madrid have been only one of three teams to not ever be relegated from the liga league and since there time in the league have scored around a great 2700 goals! There greatest goal scorer has been Ronaldo with over 320 goals for the team,their record win was 11–1 against FC Barcelona in 1942 the team has also won a very vast amount of awards.However Barcelona could have received more and scored more goals find out in a minute if they have...
this amazing football team was founded in 1899,3 years before real Madrid was.Some of the most famous players to play for the team today are Messi,Suarez and Neymar however before them there were also lots of other very skillful players including Rivaldo,Kluivert and Saviola.Unlike Real Madrid they joined la liga 30 years after they bacame a football team and since their arrival they have scored in total around an amazing 3200, even though this is more than Madrid the last time Barcelona won against them was over 50 years ago! However this clubs greatest goal scorer (Lionel Messi) has scored over 400 goals,which is more than ronaldo but who is better Madrid or Barcelona?...
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