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Secondary Learning Strategies

No description

Amanda Bastianon

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Secondary Learning Strategies

The future our kids face..
Knowledge is doubling every three years
2LS in the Riverina
Secondary Learning Strategies - 2LS
What is 2LS ?
It is a professional learning process that focuses on building the capacity of all learners.
2LS emphasises:
* a coherent alignment between leader, teachers and student learning
* a connection with current research findings
* the implementation of evidence-based practices
* EXPLICIT, systematic, integrated and balanced teaching and learning.
So basically...
If teachers in schools can work COLLABORATIVELY and COLLECTIVELY to build students' capacity to learn in any situation, then it stands to reason that the students that leave your school gate will be equipped to be LIFE-LONG LEARNERS.
Why use 2LS...
Do your students know what to do when they don't know what to do...?
Bucket vs Muscle mindset
2LS also incorporates the Super Six
The bottom line is...
We need to be EXPLICIT about teaching strategies that help students learning, rather than just hoping they have picked up the skills along the way.
Our students have changed, therefore OUR role has shifted because of various societal changes... SO, we can't apply the same method to a different crowd.
- Monitoring
- Summarising
- Predicting
- Making Connections
- Visualising
- Questioning
Secondary Learning Strategies (2LS) was delivered to 180 teachers from 22 High Schools across the Riverina.

We will need 70% more food by 2060
Demand grows 15x faster than supply
25% world farmland degraded
66% farmland recovering from record drought
29% world fisheries collapsed
It is estimated that 60 years ago a high school graduate left school knowing about 75% of what they would need to know in their working life.

Today's high school graduate will leave knowing about 2% of what they need!
Growth Mindset Posters
Out with the old and in with the new...
Maree Licastro
Tristan Heron
Shana Johnson
Melissa Foley
Mark Nelson
Amanda Bastianon
Whole-school commitment:
Have all Teachers and Students on board and talking the same language and sharing the same goal...
...building students’ capacity to learn within and beyond the school gate...
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