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Tarantella Dance

No description

alberto roque

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Tarantella Dance

Folk dance of Italy.
Name derived from the name of the town of Taranto, Italy.
The Tarantella Dance originated in a part of Southern Italy where there were many tarantulas.
Tarantella's origin is connected with tarantism which was a disease that appeared in 15th to 17th century in Italy.

Characteristics of the Dance
Tarantella Dance was done by couples characterized by light quick steps and flirt behavior between partners.
Women dancers frequently carry tambourines.
Music is in 6/8 time.
Dancing alone was consider to be bad luck.
Tarantism was a disease that appeared in 15th to 17th century and was associated with the bite of tarantula spider.
Victims believed that frenzied dance will cure the disease.
The dancing would only cause venom to further be absorbed by the body.
Tarantella Dance
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