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The Attic of the Brain

No description

Christina Rambharose

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Attic of the Brain

By: Lewis Thomas The Attic of the Brain Anecdote Lead Humans fill their brains, like they fill an attic with junk. However, now a days we are to open with ourselves and our subconscious no longer stores anything away . People should once again store away certain memories in their subconscious in order to open up a space for what is important. Thesis Anecdote Major Style Features People are to open Main Points Serious Tone you can relate to it
gives you look into the authors life We should hide some of our thoughts away Do not try to control your brain We need to relearn how to forget Analogy the brain is to humans, what the attic is to a house Metaphor "...we took up openness and candor with the febrile intensity of a new religion,..." Simile His parent's attic "Attempting to operate one's own mind, powered by such a magical instrument as the human brain, strikes me as rather like using the world's biggest computer to add columns of figures, or towing a Rolls-Royce with a nylon rope". Know-it-all
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