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Symbolism in the book thief

Prezi on symbolism in the book thief

josh patterson

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Symbolism in the book thief

Focus: Ten sections/books in the Book Thief Symbolism In The Book Thief Part 1-The Gravedigger's Handbook Represents:
Great loss, great sorrow and feelings of abondonment
The end of one phase in her life and the beginning of another
Great friendship and learning to read First book that Liesel Steals
She steals this book from her brother's snowy gravesite Next book that Liesel steals
She steals this book from Hitler's birthday book burning in Molching Part 2-The Shoulder Shrug Represents:
Stealing this book is a way that Liesel can get revenge on Adolf Hitler, she wants a book to read but also wants to take back some of what Hitler's stealing.
Opens doors to a whole world of books as Ilsa Hermann saw Liesel take the book
Inspires Hans to help Max Part 3-Mein Kampf Liesel doesnt steal or read this book but it's important to who she is. Represents:
Mein Kampf represents Liesel being trapped in Nazi Germany and the horrors going on around Liesel
Max and Max's life
Max's idea to paint over the pages in Mein Kampf and write 'The Standover Man' and 'The Word Shaker' over them teaches Liesel that kind words can be used to combat hateful ones. Part 4-The Standover Man Max wrote this book and gives it to Liesel Represents:
All of the things hanging over Max
Shows Liesel that kind words can be used to combat hateful ones
Liesel and Max's friendship Part 5-The Whistler This is a book about a murderer on the run from the police
This is the first book which Liesel steals from Ilsa Hermann Represents:
Liesel's and Rudy's relationship-for most of the book they have a very close friendship and it seems that Rudy is in love with Liesel but Liesel isn't so sure. Part 6-The Dream Carrier This is a book about an abandoned child who wants to be a priest
Liesel steals this book from Ilsa's library. Represents:
Liesel's relationship with Max

How does this book represent Liesels relationship with Max? Part 7-The complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus This dictionary is given to Liesel by Ilsa Represents:
Important phase in Liesel and Ilsa's relationship.
The dictionary definitions throughout the book
The ability for Liesel to write. Part 8-The Word Shaker This book was written by Max and given to Liesel. Represents:
The friendship between Max and Liesel
The power of words and how Hitler used them to become the Fuhrer Part 9-The last Human Stranger Last book that Liesel steals from Ilsa Hermann's library Question:
What does the quote above from 'The Last Human Stranger' and the title of this book represent? Part 10-The Book Thief The book thief is the name of the book Liesel writes over the period leading up to the bombing of Himmel Street. Represents:
Safety for Liesel
The death of her family and friends
Liesel and Ilsa's relationship
Her graduation from reader to serious author Quick Quiz 1. What is the first book that Liesel Steals? What's one thing this book represents? 2. What is the first book that Liesel steals from Ilsa and what's one thing that this book represents? 3. What book did Rudy rescue out of the Amper River and what does this act represent? 4. What gave Liesel the ability to write her book? 5. What book opened the doors for Liesel to a whole world of books? Thanks For Listening!
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