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TGP3M - Day 1

Introduction to Photography & Digital Imaging Opening presentation.

Mr. Brash

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of TGP3M - Day 1

Mr. Brash
Computer Science Honours Degree
Utilize digital cameras, Photoshop, journals, Flickr, Picasa, etc
Discuss the do's and don'ts, the ins and outs of digital photography.
Create a portfolio of our work.
Broaden our understanding of digital technology.
What is TGP3M?
An introductory course to Digital Imaging
Course Topics
Living Digitally
Proper file management.
Living Digitally
Digital Copyright
What is a license?
Point & Shoot
Lighting Fundamentals
Portrait Photography
Macro Photography
Sports / Action Photography
Outdoor Photography
And whatever else
we have time for.
More nitty gritty and rules, rules, rules...
z z z Z Z Z ...

Mr. Brash takes these seriously
Computers & Cameras
Do I need my own computer?
At school, no - unless you want to.
At home, yes. Almost a necessity.
Do I need Photoshop?
And don't you DARE download it illegally.
Do I need my own Camera?
It is
not a requirement
highly suggested
If you bring your own - know the possibilities!
Bring the manual with you.
Use of School Cameras
On a privilege basis. This means easily revoked.
Students are responsible for damage / stolen.
Students are responsible for battery charging.
Students are responsible for signing out / in.
DSRL's are EARNED - prove you can handle it.
Any and all loss or damage to equipment is the financial responsibility of the student who signed it out or brought it to / from school. It must be repaired or replaced at the cost of the student.
Cellphones & Uniform
The Classroom (lab)
The computers in this lab are not yours. Treat them with respect.
Report damage before using a computer (don't just move to another one - report it).
Every student / parent must sign and return a Computer Usage Agreement
Computer monitor settings are sometimes calibrated for Yearbook. DO NOT ADJUST THE BRIGHTNESS / CONTRAST
Clean up before you leave. All garbage, papers, mouse, keyboard, TUCK IN YOUR CHAIR.
The wheelie chairs are for computers 2-7. Leave them there. Period.
If it's not yours - don't touch it. If you borrowed something - put it back. All of these rules are simple. Follow them and we'll get along.
NO FOOD. No food. NO FOOOOOOD. Want to bring food to class? Ask permission days ahead of time and I'll think about it. No food.
If I have to say this more than once I will get angry:
This is a UNIFORM school. Don't like it? There's the door.
<insert me pointing at the door emphatically>
Do you see me on my cellphone? Do you SEE my
cellphone? Am I ignoring your presentation and looking at my cellphone? It's simple - No Phones.

You're not that important. No cellphones.
Other stuff...
I hate bullies.
Are you a bully? I hate you.
Constructive criticism...
it's supposed to help.
Plagiarism is lying.
To everyone. Do your own work.
All photos that you take are your property except...
Don't even try it. Whatever "
" is...
Let's have some fun!
TGP3M - Photography & Digital Imaging
TGP3M - Photography & Digital Imaging
What do you want to learn?
But it is even bigger.
We can only do so much
Photography is a large mountain.
Mountain of expectations.
Outlines & Contracts
School Equipment
Course Website
School Network
"K" Drive
Google {Mail, docs, etc}



Adobe Photoshop CS2 is available for FREE
Several other FREE photo editing software/sites
Pirating Software is WRONG!
Free is Good!
Not only is it illegal (and ethically wrong), it is one of the main factors for the price of software these days.
Computer Programming
Sign and return Contracts.
Either type up (and print-out)
or write an answer to:
With so many ways of capturing images today, do you think photography will become a "lost art"?
Explain why you think it is or is not still relevant.
Why did you take this course?
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