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The Man From Snowy River

No description

Richard Crago

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of The Man From Snowy River

By Richard Crago The Man From Snowy River Introduction The Man From Snowy River portrays a land, dry, harsh and tough, filled with endless parched gumtrees, and Treacherous hidden wombat holes. In daytime the dazzling humidity of the harsh sun gazes across the vast land and onto a massive mountain . When the sun goes down, a warm, deep yellow-orange shade washes over the land, engulfing everything.
This poem constructs a beautiful view of Australia through its use of literary devices and techniques.
In the last stanza, the poem describes Kosciusko as, ‘Where the air is clear as crystal and the white stars fairly blaze’. The use of visual imagery in this quote paints a picture in the reader’s mind of the Australian bush landscape as a beautiful place, untainted by civilization, rugged and untamed.'
In the eighth stanza, the poem describes the other side of the mountain, ‘Where mountain ash and kurrajong grew wide’, the personification technique is used, and it tells us about the beautiful Australian bushland, thriving full of shrubs and trees. This also tells us that these types of trees are able to adapt to the harsh dry environment of Australia and survive.
'Through the stringy barks and saplings, on the rough and broken ground', This paints a image of a thriving gum tree, growing and able to endure the humidity and the, quote, 'rough and broken ground', Again this gives us an idea of Australian wildlife and plant life and the distinctive Australian bush setting, the gum tree is able to grow in the harshest and driest of terrains. What is The Man From Snowy River about? Characters The Man From Snowy River tells the story of a horseback pursuit to recapture the colt of a prizewinning racehorse that escaped from its paddock and is living wild with the brumbies of the mountain ranges. Eventually the brumbies descend an extremely steep slope, and at that point the older and more experienced riders give up the pursuit, except a young, discreet and courageous hero, who spurs his pony down the terrible descent to catch the colt, single-handily. Banjo Paterson At a young age Banjo became very interested in the field of horses and learned to ride them, an activity that remained a passion throughout his life.
He had a passion for writing poems.
In 1890 he published "The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses" which became a huge success, the book became the most sold collection of Australian bush poetry and is still being reprinted today.

Though he lived in Sydney for most of his adult life, Paterson retained a lifelong love of the bushland, horsemen and horses. When Banjo grew up, he often saw horsemen from the Snowy Mountains take part in races which led to his fondness of horses and motivated his writings. But there is more to the poem and how Banjo was inspired than meets the eye, the poems fast paced rhythm mimic's the sound of a horses hoof strike the ground as it tirelessly beats the hard, dry plains of Australia. How was he influenced to write M.F.S.R? How are the characters portrayed as typical Australian in the poem?
The characters are reflected as Australian from the clothes they wear, worn out singlets, tough shorts, leather jackets, thick thread bared trousers and strong sturdy boots. From just looking at the clothes they wore, it gives us an impression of the environment they lived in, a harsh, humid, tough and rugged Australian lifestyle.
And one was there, a stripling on a small and weedy beast' which uses the metapor technique.
The Man from Snowy River is portrayed as an Insignificant and small stripling on top a pathetic little horse amongst the bigger, older and wiser horsemen that have gathered together. But even though this man may be small but he is a tough Australian horseman, busting full of courage, determination and pride.
In the line ‘and Clancy of the Overflow came down to lend a hand’. Paterson has portrayed this idea of mateship between the Australian Bushmen. This theme is also a reflection on society’s values as Bushmen were respected for their loyalty to each other.
'like a torrent down the mountain' uses the simile technique. This line paints a picture of man and horse coming together in motion. It shows the power, determination, pride and braveness of the horseman, the very kind Australia is supposed to produce. Landscapes Thanks for watching
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