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Copy of Aer Lingus

Consumer Behaviour DT 364/5 year 4

Sadia Bytyqi

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Aer Lingus

Digital Marketing
Aer Lingus website
Digital natives aged 18-30's
Followers of "Jailbreak Trinity

- "Aer Lingus aims to make its website one of the most interactive, personalised and usable airline websites in the world."

- "Aer Lingus aims to eliminate the barriers to a quality end-user experience which includes timeouts on web pages, limited interactive capabilities and incompatibility with the latest communication devices."

(David Miller, chief operations manager, Aer Lingus)

According to the Aer Lingus 2014 annual report:
- Aer Lingus expects to launch a new website and mobile platform by the end of 2015.
- New digital strategy in 2015 to drive connecting passenger demand

Aer Lingus website early 2000's
Aer Lingus current website '2015'
Aer Lingus joins "Snapchat" (28/03/2014) before competing airlines

The airline shares a behind the scenes look at the company, promoting their in-flight Wi-Fi, a photo-shoot of the new cabin crew uniforms, and the launch of their new routes.
-Aer Lingus launched their new free app in August 2011.

The new app is simple and easy to use.
-It allows customers to:
-Purchase flights
-Print boarding cards
-Scan boarding card at departures
-Check in online.
-Choose preferred seating
-Monitor flight delays

Aer Lingus says:
“This is phase one of a number of phases to be introduced as mobile technology advances”
With the Aer Lingus app, you can do it on the way with your iPhone or iPad.
Aer Lingus
Great Care. Great Fare.


Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish Government in 1936.

27 May 1936, Aer Lingus made its maiden voyage from Baldonnel Aerodrome in Dublin to Bristol.

Using a six-seater De Havilland Dragon named 'Iolar' carried just five passengers across the Irish Sea.

Celebrated its 75th Anniversary in May 2011


1940: Services begin from the new Dublin Airport at Collinstown with two flights departing for Liverpool on 19th of January

1945 - 1993: Post war expansion saw the development of a business portfolio including hotels, MRO and charter businesses.

2001: Implementation of low fares model to compete with low cost carriers after 9/11

2006: Flotation of the airline on the Irish & London Stock Exchanges;

2010: Implementation of revised, yield driven business strategy

2015: Aer Lingus to be sold to International Airlines Group (IAG) for €1.4 billion

Brand image

Aer Lingus is one of the most valuable brands in Ireland and since Christoph Mueller was appointed CEO (2010) it has been a priority to make the brand even stronger.

Since 2010 the primary focuses is on offering customer value, quality and service, by building on Christopher Mueller’s message “The Aer Lingus brand is brought to life through it’s people”

Recently Aer Lingus unveiled their new business class cabin seats , aptly named the "Emerald Aisle" at the 2014 Web Summit, gaining a large social media presents and exposure..

Instagram- 8648 followers & 216 posts
Twitter 94,000 followers & 38,100 tweets
Facebook 185,000 likes
Pinterest: 244 followers & 372 pins
LinkdIn: 10,285 followers
Group Dynamics
Tyagi & Kumar (2004) define groups in Consumer Behaviour as “one-sided social relationships in which an individual consumer looks to others for help in deciding which products or services to own or use, even though these others are largely unaware that they are serving as consumption-related role models.”
Social Media & Group Dynamics
Aer Lingus use cross platform promotion and have a presence on an array of social media platforms that allow for group formation. As a result of this Aer Lingus encourages
Word of mouth marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM)
A basic definition of WOM is "A marketing method that relies on casual social interactions to promote a product."
Duan, Lu & Whinston (2008) outline benefits as:
providing an "alternative source of information to consumers"
WOM has been argued to lead to sales, which generates more WOM, which in turn leads to additional sales.
argued to play an "increasingly significant role in consumer purchase decisions."

Twitter & Facebook: Poor customer interaction leading to poor WOM
Poor responses, inefficient and untimely

Website Design and Perception
Perception is the process through which the consumer selects, organizes, and interprets sensory stimuli, and builds them into meaningful wholes.
• Solomon's (2010) theory promotes the idea of beneficial perception in website design.
• Visual elements in advertising such a packaging size and store design effect customer behavior.

Aer Lingus Website and Perception
Easy to use
Well Designed
Visual and Captivating
Green Colours
Go, Forward
Aer Lingus Trend Engagement
'Attention may be voluntary or involuntary'
'Selective attention is voluntary selective focusing on relevant information'
Aer Lingus makes itself relevant by keeping itself engaged with the latest trends
Provide contact information.
No interaction with customer issues that may have been brought to attention.
Poor interaction until faced with threat
Reflects badly on Aer Lingus
Recommendation 1: Increase interaction with consumer complaints/queries via newly established customer care twitter account.

Aer Lingus should set up a specific customer care twitter page for complaints or queries.
Link in with all social media platforms for customers or prospective customers to be aware of where to communicate complaints and queries.
This reduces negative associations with the brand on the established social media networks and will in turn increase positive WOM and customer experience
Generate specific hashtags to use for this account, e.g. #aercare
Recommendation 2: Increase Presence on Instagram
Through increasing use of hashtags such as #travel #flights #plane etc, there is the possibility of gaining more followers and more exposure.
Through "regramming" customers photos taken onboard and pre-flight Aer Lingus can actively engage with customers which can lead to greater customer loyalty to the brand.
Recommendation 3: Gamification
The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. (Juho and Lehdonvirta, 2010)
Aer Lingus could reward points to promote customer loyalty using their app.
Distance Travelled
Money Spent
Rewards could be vouchers to be spent during layovers, money off flights etc.

Overview of Contextualization & Relevant Theories:

Group dynamics

Social Media
Group Dynamics
Customer Query Response Time
Increase Instagram Presence
Robert Forbes - C10340017
Monika Petkute - C10375919
Saoirse Carroll - C10712143
Robert Stanley - C10349059
Thesie Lama - C09881883
Andrius Dikmanas - C11751295
Sadia Bytyqi - C11497682
Thanks for listening!
Any Questions?
Aer Lingus has long been established as a leading Irish airline brand.
They incorporate large amounts of social media platforms into their digital marketing, with varying levels of success.
By keeping up with the latest trends Aer Lingus makes itself relevant with today's consumer behavior.
By evaluating Aer Lingus' Digital Marketing Campaign through Group Dynamics and Perception it was seen that while having a well designed website, Aer Lingus has left itself open to complaints due to their response rate on social media which can lead to poor brand image.
By utilizing all of our recommendations, Aer Lingus can improve its social media brand and see an overall increase in brand engagement with its customers.
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