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Audiology in a nutshell

No description

Buck Tuscarora

on 20 April 2018

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Transcript of Audiology in a nutshell

Audiology in a nutshell
Pure tone testing
Audiometer and sound proof booth
Otoacoustic emissions
Cochlear is not a passive transmitter; actually amplifies sound
Otoscope (light and magnifying glass) used to look into outer acoustic meatus (ear canal)
Cochlear implant
Pure tones; sine waves
Air and bone conduction
Basic diagnostic procedure; building block of audiology
Assess the health of the OAM (occlusion, wax build-up) and tympanic membrane (middle ear infection).
Process of amplification itself actually produces sounds ('echoes').
Hair cells amplify a given frequency range (tonotopicity)
Absence of echo may imply death of hc in that range
Used in universal newborn infant screening, non-organic hearing loss detection
Hearing aids
Amplification devices
Variety of styles: behind the ear (BTE), in the canal (ITC), in the ear (ITE), receiver in the ear (RITE)
Digital hearing aids: matched to audiogram, noise cancellation, speech enhancement
Implanting and mapping
Candidacy issues
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