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Homeless bird

No description

Abigail Demler

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Homeless bird

Homeless bird
Chap. 1 and 2
Koli gets married to Raji then in chap. 2 he dies
chap. 3 and 4
chandra did get married after mourning of hari's death
Key events
key events are Koli gets married, hari dies, chandra gets married, and sausser dies
chap. 5 and 6
In chap. 5 chandra leaves the house and Sass yells at Koly more often. In chap.6 Sausser dies.
chap. 7 and 8
the city of varanasi is where hari dies
In chap. 7 Sass took koly in the city and left her off there. In chap. 8 Koly makes friends and got a job.
chap 9 and 10
Koly's first day on the job and meets Raji, and she meets mala and goes to a party witch she gets in trouble
the caste system was decide by what family you were born in.
chap. 11
Raji asks koly to marry him, and she eventually does
Instanly koly knew the homeless bird would be flying home
illustrated by Ian Scheirer
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