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Prisoner B-3087

I love me a good pancake

Laura Cody

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087
Summary (cont.)
Summary (cont.)
Prezi by Adam Farr
Summary (conclusion)
Twelve-year-old Yanek Gruener lived in Krakow, Poland.That is, until Nazis invaded Poland and forced every Jew to live in a ghetto. After a couple of weeks, the Nazis begin deporting Jews. Yanek does his best to blend in.
Yanek tries his best to stay hidden, but few can hide from the Germans. He is sent on a truck to the Glasgow concentration camp. There he faces the camp "administrator" Amon Goeth. They say he won't eat breakfast until he kills at least one Jew.
By Alan Gratz
After serving less than four months at Glasglow, Yanek is trasferred to a salt mine. There, he is forced to pick relentlessly at a wall of salt. He faces suffocation, cave-ins, drowning from the underground lakes, and much more.
It was an intense, eye-opening, heart-stopping, saddening, and jaw-dropping book
I would recommend this book to boys and girls between 6th and 8th grade who have an interest in world history.
Yanek Main Character
Uncle Moshe Yanek's Uncle
Moonface Nazi Gaurd
"A powerful story; very well told."
-Sara Saxton


"A gripping story"
Even after that, Yanek's torture is not over yet. Those are only two of the TEN camps that he has to face. Scared, alone, and helpless, will Yanek be able to keep his will to survive?
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