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Hitler's Government in WW2

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matthew georgantas

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Hitler's Government in WW2

By, Caleb McGinn and
Matthew Georgantas and
Stephen Richardson
Hitler's Government in WW2
Origin of Hitler and his government
He was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria
He later moved to Germany to avoid joining the Austrian Army, but later wanted to go to war in WW2
In 1919 Hitler became the 55th member of a party called the German Worker's Party.
Hitler first started as a public speaker and
soon became councellor to everyday life.
This is a picture of Hitler.
Hitlers Totalitarianism
What Hitler did in his government
He allowed NO OTHER political parties.
Had secret police to report to Hitler to find people "unfit to Germany."
anti-semitism- prosecution of Jews.
wanted strengthen the German army.
Banned Jews from most public places in Germany and later sent them to concentration camps or shot jews that killed about 6 million jews by the time Hitler died.

In Russia, Joseph Stalin govenered a soviet union.
-Was a dictator.
-brought Russia to power while showing no pity for the government.

In italy, Benito Mussolini ruled with a facism.
-he centralises all powers around himself as a leader.
-wanted to restore power to Rome
-Allianced with Germany

That is what happened in the governments in WW2
Now onto
New Weapons
What other countries were like:
Some of the common weapons used:
Karabiner 98k
Sturmgewehr 44
Thompson M1
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
Colt M1911
Paraballum Luger P-08
Karabiner 98k
- It was a German rifle introduced in 1898
-It is a bolt action rifle that holds five rounds of 7.8mm bullets
-It was used in both world wars by Germany and had excellent accuracy and effective range at 800 meters.
Thompson M1
- Created by General John T. Thompson and was used by gangs too.
- It came with a .45 Caliber ACP cartridge.
- An original 1928 Thompson in good condition can get you $15,000.
- It was the first anti-tank weapon to be made at the time.
- Before that they made a grenade that had to be placed on the tank.
- It was so highly effective that Germany copied it and called it the Panzerschreck.

-The MP38 was first issued in 1938
-Then was replaced by the MP40
-Was a mass produced weapon.
-The Maschinengewehr 34, or MG34, was a German machine gun first issued in 1934
-The primary tank and aircraft defensive weapon.
-Thought it was going to be replaced by the MG42
Colt M1911
- Was the standard-issue handgun in the combat arm of the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985
- designed by John Browning.
-adopted by the Army on March 29
Here is the Germans version(Panzershcreck)
Thanks for watching!!!
Here is a picture
Here is a picture
Here is a picture
Here is a picture
Here is a picture
Here is a picture
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