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The Container Store

No description

Alexandra Foerschner

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The Container Store

Group Five
Foundation Principles
1 Great Person
3 Good People
Fill The Other Guy's Basket To The Brim. Making Money Then Become An Easy Proposition
The Best Selection, Service & Price
Intuition Does Not Come To An Unprepared Mind. You Need To Train Before It Happens.
Man In The Desert Selling
Air Of Excitement
Small Beginnings
Dallas, TX July 1st 1978
Goal: Simplify lives of consumers buying time and space
Locations coast-to-coast
10,000 innovations
unparalleled customer service
Putting The Employees First
Recognized by FORTUNE Magazine on annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For”
Employees are #1 stakeholders

Management Team
"If you take care of the employees they will take care of the customers"
- Kip Tindell (CEO)

Putting The Employees First
263 hours of job training for full-time employees
70% of the employees approve of Kip Tindell
58% recommend this company to a friend
How The Container Store Makes Money
The Container Store is
profitable yet
Higher than average expenses compare to industry averages
Analysts expect future profits
6,000 employees
Public Company
IPO November 2013
IPO price of $18 has increased to over $43
$735.86 million in revenue this year
Average staff make 12.50 hourly
Store managers make $63,000 annually
$390 million in debt
Has not profited for past three years
Market Place
Originated new market
Storage and Organization
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.
Euromarket Designs, Inc.
Organized Living was a main competitor in same market
Bankrupted 2005
Key Themes and Trends
Commitment to Communities

Product donations
Employee volunteer time
Support non-profits that promote women and children’s well-being and health
Donate 10% of all sales from each new store during opening weekend to local nonprofit partner

Commitment to Environment
Businesses that embrace sustainability will be:
More efficient
Have lower costs
Less reliant on scarce commodities
Offer the best quality products at lowest possible prices
Suggested Improvements
Accounting adjustments to fix profitability
Fairly distribute promotions
Have more locations in the United States

Specialty retail chain that specializes in storage and organization solutions
Merchandise ranges from backpacks to recipe holders
Provides an unparalleled selection (over 10,000 SKU’s) with high quality and superior customer service
Operates 63 stores in 22 states
Runs an e-commerce site,
offers shipping across the US and to Canada
same day delivery to New York City
CEO & Chairman
Kip Tindell
Chairman Emeritus
Garrett Boone
Melissa Reiff
Chief Merchandising Officer
Sharon Tindell
Kip Tindell
Garrett Boone
Melissa Reiff
Sharon Tindell
The Container Store is a growing company that has positioned itself in a unique market that has very little direct competition.
Employees are treated well and properly equipped to provide higher quality in the work produced.
They have traded fairly well on the market and analysts project future profits for the company.
Record sales show continued growth as they continue to expand.
Siddhant Shah, Anan Sadhwan, Tommy Munro, Lexie Foerschner, Owen Karl, Akshar Patel, Zach Penfold
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