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Travel Policy Highlights_Jhpiego

Presentation to alert org that the new Travel Policy for JHU is being implemented in 2014

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Travel Policy Highlights_Jhpiego

Come Fly With Us in 2014....
90 day/60 day Rule
"Employees must substantiate the travel and business expenses they incur within a reasonable period in order to be reimbursed tax free. The IRS uses 60 days in its examples, but the University and Health System are adopting 90 days from the end of the trip for travel and 90 days from the date the expense was incurred for non-travel business expenses as a reasonable period."
Business Meals
Details that must be included to meet the IRS requirements for business meal reimbursement:
1. Business purpose of the meal
2. Name, title and organization of all attendees (must include those outside of Jhpiego/JHU)
3. Full description of University business
-AND, in 2014-
Per Diem- When can you be reimbursed?
Travel for Non-Sponsored Activities
"Domestic travel expenses are reimbursed based on actual expenses incurred unless the business area/department approves the use of M&IE per diems. For lodging, only actual lodging (hotel) expenses are reimbursed."
Travel for Sponsored Activities
"Domestic expenses are reimbursed based on actual expenses incurred unless the sponsored funding source requires the use of per diems. For lodging, only actual lodging (hotel) expenses are reimbursed."
First and Last Day of Travel
Jhpiego is adopting the standard JHU rule of 75% on the first and last day of travel, when requesting per diem reimbursement.
We'll explore the new JHU Travel Policy together!
But what about that pesky per diem calculation worksheet?
It's now MANDATORY. Due to the inconsistencies that we have seen in the past related to calculations done by the traveler to assess their reimbursement amount when afforded per diem, we are now requiring the TERs that include an "Other" per diem receipt include the developed Per Diem Calculation Worksheet. It looks like this:
In order to meet the JHU 90-day requirement, in 2014, WE (Jhpiego) are requiring all expense reports to be submitted w/in 60 days of incurred expense or last day of travel.
Short Answer: In 2014, Jhpiego is requiring that all travelers traveling domestically be reimbursed actual expenses, and only international travelers will be reimbursed for per diem. If you travel in the continental USA or its territories/possessions, your TER meal expenses will need supporting documentation, so pay with your card and provide the statement, or pay with cash and SAVE THOSE RECEIPTS!
That means, in 2014, NO MORE QUARTER SYSTEM!!
Other Resources
An JHU online FastFacts was given on Dec. 17th, and the presentation is available, highlighting the revisions.

It can be found at:

The Training and Education Department is also incorporating the changes for the curriculum of their classroom-held training course.
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