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Teaching the Video Project

Teaching the Video Project

Ritassida Mamadou Djiguimde

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Teaching the Video Project

Video Project
Multimodal Evaluation
It feeds into the Writing Program goal to help students develop a complete literacy competence by integrating visual literary as an essential component of composing and persuasion.
Writing Program Goals
The Video Project is one of the composing tasks that uses the most types of media: still and moving images, drawings, charts and graphs, verbal text, background music, voice over, transitions, special effects, etc.
Great Multimodal Assignment
Not much writing goes into a video

However, it does require lots of planning and script writing.
Focus on Process
Why The Video Project?
Developing the awareness that more than one channel exists in conveying a message.

Choosing the most effective channel(s) to get the message across
What is Multimodal Composition?
Human beings communicate through a variety of media: visual text, verbal text, gestures, body language, art, music, etc
Human Nature
The amazing technological innovations are providing us with novel routes to communicate, to compose, and to design. In that respect, the implementation of multimodal assignments is an attempt to attune composition to the social and cultural realities of our time and hence train students who can effectively function within society
Technological Development
Where to Start?
Distance between the target and the camera.
Camera shots
Eye level Angle
Low Angle
Movie Maker
Multimodal Rubric
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