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Book 3 Fire

No description

Andrea Garcia

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Book 3 Fire

Book 3 Fire
Eastern Religion Influences
The Headband
Aang accidentally enrolls in a Fire Nation school when him and his friends take Fire Nation clothes to better fit in. Aang organizes a dance.
Aang organizes a dance because he believes the kids in the Fire Nation need a form of expressing themselves. He thinks that could change the future of the Fire Nation. The dance and creativity Aang shows is harshly contrasted agaisnt the strict structure of the school and the Nation.
Adds western ideas of self-expression and creativity
The Painted Lady
The gang travels to a suffering village, their patron deity suddenly helps them get better.
Katara dresses up as the Painted Lady, the patron deity for the village to help the village.
Individual lore/patron spirit for their town
Possible reference to belief in individual Hindu gods
The Avatar and the Firelord
Aang and Zuko are taken on parallel journeys to find out their pasts.
In this episode the audience finds out the past between the previous Avatar, Avatar Roku, and the Firelord that started the war, Firelord Sozin.
When Roku was going to be sent to study Airbending he was told he didn't need to pack.
Lack of earthly possessions
Idea that friendships can last through lifetimes
Maintaining traits throughout lifetimes
Sozin's Comet Part 1
The Phoenix King

Aang finds out what the Firelord has planned against the Earth Kingdom using the comet. Firelord Ozai proclaims himself the Phoenix King

When confronted with the idea of having to kill the Firelord Aang refuses
Buddhist teachings
He refuses to kill him because he sees individuality and humanity
Reference to Confucianism
All people inherently good

Sozin's Comet Part 2
The Old Masters

Aang looks for guidance from past Avatars.
To ask the previous Avatars Aang meditates. He has a moral issue with killing the Firelord.
Looking deep within yourself
Western concept of what it is
All life is sacred
No killing
Violence only for necessary defense
Detach self from world for spirit to be free
Achieve spiritual enlightenment

Sozin's Comet Part 4
Avatar Aang

Aang struggles to defeat Ozai without killing him. The conclusion of the series.
Aang did not kill Firelord Ozai
Aang found a way to stick to his Buddhist ideals

Aang looks like the Dalai Lama
the main representation of Buddhism westerners think of
Avatar Roku
Avatar Kyoshi
Avatar Kuruk
Avatar Yangchen
Aang and the Dalai Lama
Exiled from country
Fire Nation killed the Air Nomads
China has taken over Tibet
Persecuted by other nation
Fire Nation
Source of wisdom and hope for people
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