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Photography Styles.

No description

Ahmed Asif

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Photography Styles.

Photography Styles.
In this Prezi I will be exploring various styles of photography whilst analyzing images from different photography categories.
Nature photography focuses on the outdoors and displays natural elements like wildlife and landscape.

(image by Rakeshkdogra)

The purpose Landscape photography is to show different places within the world, sometimes on an extremely large scale, but other times on a small scale. The photographs usually capture the likes of nature but sometimes focus on man-made structures, like bridges and iconic buildings.
(image by Ansel Adams)
This image 'The Tetons - Snake river', taken by Ansel Adams shows the "Snake" river passing through an empty landscape surrounded by cliffs and hills which lead upto a snow-capped mountain on the horizon.
Adams has an overarching viewpoint over the scene which enables him to encompass the magnificent mountain range and the meandering river.

Portrait photography is photography of a person or group of people that displays an expression, personality, and a mood. Portrait photography usually focuses on the face of a person , although a persons body and background may be shown in the photograph.

(Picture by Yousuf Kursh)
Photography Styles
Landscape - Ansel Adams.
Portrait - Yousuf Karsh.
Band - Ross Haflin.
Sport - Bob Martin.
Nature - Hermann Hirsch.
The image is very dark as if taken at dusk or in a storm yet every part of it can be seen in great detail. The use of tonal greys and silver provides dramatic contrast, enabling certain focal points such as the river itself, the sky under the grey clouds and the light-catching peaks of the mountain range.
The image portrays a feeling of solitude, bleakness but also because of the angle at which Adams has taken the image, a feeling of being in control, rising above the rush of activity below.

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography. It was invented by Fritz Goro.
Macro photography often focuses on insects.

(Image by David Chambon)
Sport photography is the photography concerning sports, for example capturing iconic moments in a sporting events would be classed as 'sports photograpy'.

(Image by Mark D. Faram)
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