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Marketing Research(Draft)

No description

Estelle Bopda

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Research(Draft)

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The Toothpaste Brand Loyalty - A Marketing Research conducted by:
Estelle Bopda
Miriam Galo Leon
Yuliya Makarova
Maurizio Virone The Method STEP 1: Establish Research Need and Purpose STEP 2: Establish Research Objective STEP 3: Develop Research Approach STEP 5: Questionnaire Construction STEP 6: Data Collection, Analysis and Explanation Establish Research Need and Purpose 1. The # of Toothpastes Product declined 2. Dentists says: All are equals * Source: Wall Street Journal Total Market Potential Area Market Potential Industry Sales and Market share - the maximum amount of sales that might be available to all firms in an industry during a given period, under a given level of industry making effort and environmental conditions 1. Market-Buildup Method 2. Multiple-Factor Index Method Estimating Current Demand Estimating Future Demand Establish Research Objective Brand Loyalty Help us to understand consumers behavior "Today, toothpaste commands some of the strongest brand loyalty in stores"* Develop Research Approach - Descriptive Brand Loyalty Measure Demand Measurement market demand
company demand Vocabulary for Demand
Measurement Market demand Market share Market-penetration Index Share-penetration Index Market forecast Market potential product penetration percentage Company demand Company Sales Forecast sales quota - Knowing that something changed in supply side, we want to know more about the demand side Survey/interview Target - due to limited time and resources we decided to develop a small-scale survey. In order to gather the information we decide to interview randomly selected people among the UM population. - we investigated the brand loyalty towards toothpaste of a randomly selected sample sales budget where, Q= total market potential
n= number of potential buyers in the specific
q= quantity purchased by an average buyer
p= price of an average unit Q = nqp If 45 million buy books each year and the average book buyer buys 3 books a year and the average price of a book is Php 840.
n= 45 million
q= 3
p= 840

Q=(45 million x 3 x Php 840)
= Php 113.4 billion 92 M (total population)
7.4% (illiterate people and children under 12 don’t buy books)
Prospect pool=92.6% or 85.2M
30% (people of low income and low education)
Hot prospect pool = 70% or 59.6M

Q= nqp
= 59.6M x 3 x Php 840
=Php 150.9 billion Chain-Ratio Method -multiplies a base number by several adjusting percentages Market Potential for cola-flavored carbonated drink in the Philippines: Population (P) = 92,000,000
Proportion of P that consumes carbonated beverages (R) = 95%
Proportion of R that consumes cola-flavored carbonated beverages (C) = 80%
Average number of liters of cola consumed per cola-consumer per week (L) = 1.7 liters
Average price per liter of cola (A) = Php 30.00 Market Sales Potential = P x R x C x L x A
= 92 Million x 0.95 x 0.80 x 1.7 x 30 = Php 3.6 billion Area Market Potential Market-buildup method used primarily by business goods firms Multiple-Factor Index method used primarily by consumer goods firms Multiple-Factor Index Method Straightforward-index method If NCR has 12.84% of the Philippine population, the company might assume that NCR would be a market for 12.84% of total drugs sold. B = 0.5 y + 0.3 r + 0.2 p B = percentage of total national buying power
found in an area
y = percentage of national disposable personal
income originating in an area
r = percentage of national retail sales in an
p = percentage of national population located
in an area where Multiple-Factor Index Method Suppose NCR has
31.6 % of the Philippine disposable personal income,
30 % of Philippine retail sales
12.84% of Philippine population. B= 0.5y + 0.3 r + 0.2 p
27.37= 0.5(31.60) + 0.3(30) + 0.2(12.84) The buying power index for NCR is then 27.37. Thus, 27.37% of the nation’s drug sales might be expected to take place in NCR. Industry Sales and Market Share - identifying competitors and estimating their sales Market-Buildup Method - Calls for identifying all the potential buyers in each market and estimating their potential purchases. Purchase Probability scale - a tool used in marketing research surveys
of buying intentions, respondents are asked to rate the likelihood
of their purchase of a particular product on a scale ranging. Survey of Buyers' Intentions The company typically asks its salespeople to estimate sales by product for their individual territories. Composite of Sales Force Opinions Triple I Consulting is a registered business and consultancy firm in Makati, Philippines. Expert Opinion __ 253 Time Series Analysis
 Exponential Smoothing
 Statistical Demand Analysis
 Econometric Analysis Past-Sales Analysis Marketers learn how large the market is and how consumers and dealers react to handling, using,
and repurchasing the product.
McDonald’s Coke Mcfloat Market-test Method Data Source Selected: One to one short Interview

Alternative Methods:
Focus Group time consuming
Survey inappropriate for the small sample selected Data Source Strategy and Sampling Basic Demographics Penetrated Market Time Series Analysis Trend
Erratic Events.

Multiplicative Model:
T x S x C x E
Additive Model:
T + S + C + E Moving Average forecast =
(Sum of demands in previous n periods)/n

Ford Philippines’ all new fiesta has been performing well in the market. Using a 2-month moving average, forecast the sales for June. Moving Averages
New forecast =
Last period’s forecast + α (Last period’s actual demand – Last period’s forecast)

Ford Philippines’ all new fiesta has been performing well in the market. Using exponential smoothing, forecast the sales for June with the smoothing constant α = .10 Exponential Smoothing Regression equation: Y = a + bx

Suppose, Ford Philippines finds that a relationship exists between yearly sale of automobiles and the cumulative income of class ABC. Econometric Analysis To solve for the forecasted sales on 2012 Procter & Gamble Co. (PG): Personal Products Industry. Market cap of $186.7B. 5-year average gross margin at 50.91% vs. industry average at 7.27%. 5-year average net profit margin at 13.65% vs. industry average at 1.27%. The Coca-Cola Company (KO): Beverages Industry. Market cap of $146.13B. 5-year average gross margin at 64.58% vs. industry average at 48.93%. 5-year average net profit margin at 20.69% vs. industry average at 5.75%. Euromonitor International market research focuses on industry, country, company and consumer lifestyle research. We analyse companies and markets in more than 200 categories across 80 countries. 3. What about Brand Loyalty? * Source: Wall Street Journal Is it still True? Longitudinal - necessary to identify trends, considering that we ask the same question to the same sample STEP 4: Data source strategy and sampling Being the question very simple and the sample very
small, it was the fastest method to gather accurate information Sample: Randomly selected among the population of the University of Miami
avoided grocery store because too many possible bias due to grocery specific characteristics In different days, different day-times and different places we asked to passing people to answer few questions. Market Sales Potential = P x R x C x L x A
= 92 Million x 0.95 x 0.80 x 1.7 x 30 = Php 3.6 billion DATA ANALYSIS The main findings in our data are the following:

- We interviewed 40 people, which were divided in the following proportions: Style of Living Which toothpaste did you buy last time? Brand Switching/Brand Loyalty Matrix Age Ranges Which toothpaste did you buy the time before that? Questionnaire Proportion Male Females-Loyal-Switched Toothpaste's Market Market Share Top 3 Toothpaste Brands Brands' History Crest, Colgate & Aquafresh Our Research a. Find Information about the Toothpaste Market ( Brands, market share...) b. What is the toothpaste's brand loyalty of the UM community? c. What are the characteristics of the best toothpastes' brands? 1.Crest
2. Colgate
3. Aquafresh Crest Colgate Aquafresh Characteristics of the Best Toothpastes Brands Fluoride as an Ingredient
A seal from the American Dental Association
Whitening toothpaste should have a mild peroxide-based abrasive A brand of toothpaste made by Procter & Gamble
Introduced in the United States in 1955
At first it used stannous fluoride, marketed as "Fluoristan" (its the original brand name)
The active ingredient of Crest was changed in 1981 to "Fluoristat" (sodium monofluorophosphate)
Today Crest toothpastes use sodium fluoride, or "Dentifrice with Fluoristat" Colgate (sub-brand of Colgate-Palmolive Company) is an oral hygiene product line of toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and dental floss
Founded in 1806 in New York City by William Colgate, a soap and candle maker.
"William Colgate & Company" is the initial name of the Colgate Company Crest (Procter& Gamble Company):
129K Employees, $11.8B Net Income

Colgate(Colgate-Palmolive Company)
39.2K Employees, $2.4B Net Income

Aquafresh(GlaxoSmithKline Company)
97.4K Employees, £4.4B Net Income Brand of toothpaste that has been available since 1973
Manufacture by consumer healthcare product maker GlaxoSmithKline
Originally in a "Double Protection" formula: "White" Fluoride toothspaste for cavity and "Aqua"gel for fresh breath
Reformulate into a "Triple Protection" formula 10 years later in 1983, when a "red" gel was added for healthy gum
Since 1983, the three stripes: red, white, and aqua, have since become registered trademarks
Aquafresh's Slogan is "three in one protection for your family"
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