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Week 8 - Sony Presentation

No description

Gloria Mancuso

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Week 8 - Sony Presentation

CB859 - Managing the Multinational Enterprise
Sony in the IR Framework
Week 8 - Group 01

Team Members:

Gloria Mancuso (gm346)
Lisa Alberghini (la273)
Silvia Pedroni (sp536)
Sajid Saleem (ssvt2)
Almazbek Berdikulov (ab814)
Sony is GLOCAL !

Last week's argument - GLOCAL

Sony in the Integration - Responsiveness Framework

Sony presents a hybrid structure that fluctuates between being global and transnational

Last week's argument - GLOCAL
- Standardized Products
- Strategy dictated by the home Office
- R&D globally centralized
Sony is Global because...
Sony is also locally adapted because...
- Marketing locally adapted but with integrated message

- Governance locally adapted but integrated into a global network based on corporate culture
Sony in the Integration - Responsiveness Framework (I)
Our process of analysis:

Industry - our focus on consumer electronics
Functions - Production, R&D, Marketing, HR

Sony in the IR Framework (II)
The Industry - Consumer electronics
Sony in the IR Framework
Functions within Sony
Adapted from Bartlett and Ghoshal, 1998
The Consumer Electronics Industry
Global Integration +
local responsiveness

Standardized products (minimum adaptation)
Economies of scale and scope

Human Resources
Global strategy
Sony has assembly plants in Japan, China, Europe and the US under tight control of HQ
Minimum adaptation
Cultural adaptation of products (e.g. different voltages, software, PCs' key boards, labels)

International strategy
e.g. Sony manufactures Blu-ray disc recorders only in the Chiba plant (Japan), which are then exported in the global market

Sony's Production - a combination of global and international strategy
Sony's R&D function is globally integrated
Despite Sony developed overseas R&D labs over time,
Sony's R&D activities remain centralized in Japan.


E.g. Sony
Verbeke, 2013:212-214
Motoyama, 2011
Sony's Marketing -
the only truly transnational function
Sony in the IR framework -
a Glocal MNE

local responsiveness:

Local Sales & Marketing managers
Better identification of local trends
global integration:

Integrated message that mirrors the corporate vision and mission

Sony's HR function -
a mix of global and transnational strategy
Target: Diversity in recruitment
Global standards of candidates set by HQ
Autonomy of local HR departments - partnerships with local universities
Since 2008, global talent directors appointed among Sony's regional HR managers
Since 2008, Global Job Rotation project - heavy flow of personell and information among subsidiaries

Sony, Annual Reports 2012- 2013
Sony's structure
based on the IR framework
(Consumer electronics industry)
Outcomes of analysis:

Diverse management of functions
Tight control of HQ as commonality among functions
High local responsiveness and heavy flow of information and resources (Marketing and HR mainly)
Thank you :)

Any questions?

Motoyama 2011
Sony presents a hybrid structure that fluctuates between being global and transnational !
Our argument:
Morschett and Gruning 2011
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