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Smartphones and social media

Web 3.0, Schema.org

Wasim Mansha

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Smartphones and social media

Smartphones and Our Social Life
Social Communication/Networking
The Use
Social Networking
Social Networking
Status Updates
Online all the time
Technology Everywhere

18-30 in 18 countries (CISCO)
Status Updates
Get dressed, Brush their teeth, and check their smartphones as part of their morning routine.
9 out of 10
Online All the time
60% of
Gen-Y members find themselves compulsively checking their smartphones for social media updates, emails or texts.
Smartphone Usage
Age Group
Social Apps

Samsung Galaxy


James Cameron
162 min
by Team 3
of smartphone
Online All the time
Have a facebook account and one in ten always has facebook up.
upload photos to share.
Technology Everywhere
46% of
Global respondents check social media, text or email during meals with family and friends.
More than a third
use smartphones in the bathroom.

Technology Everywhere
Would feel anxious, like part of me missing , if they could not constantly check their smartphones
Two out of five
Age Group
72% of adults (18 years or older)
Social Media Usage
18-29 year olds, 89%
30-49 year olds, 78%
50-64 year olds, 60%
over 65 years old, 43%
Age Group
54% of mothers use smartphones
50% access social media on their phones
Moms Embrace Social Media, Smartphones
Age Group
63% of 2000 people use their cell phones to access social media.
January and February 2013(Arbitron & Edison, 2013)
14% growth rate among 18-24 year olds
16% among 25-34 year olds
28% among 35-44 year olds
24% among 44-54 year olds
26% among 55-64 year olds &
55% growth rate among 65 and older people
iPhone OS(Apple)
Android (Google)
Blackberry OS (RIM)
Windows Mobile (MS)
The operating system that runs the Smartphone
Market Share 2013 Q2
Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries.
Largest installed base of any mobile platform
79.3% Market Share
187.4 million Android Devices
79.3% Market Share
187.4 million Android Devices
Cheap Options and Different Screen Sizes are available
More than one brand producing Android Devices
Easy Transfer / Share

13.2% of the Smartphone market
26 million Devices Sales
Only one manufacturer
Windows and Blackberry OS
Windows Phone : 3.7% Market Share with 8.7 million Devices Worldwide
Blackberry OS : 2.9% Market Share and 6.8 Million Devices in the Market

I am sorry I am Late
Social Apps
91% mobile internet access is SOCIAL
73% smartphones owners access social networks through apps at least once per day
Social Apps
Facebook: 78% Smartphone Users
Twitter: 60% Smartphone Users

70% Users spend more time on Smartphones than PC
Social Apps
90% Users use social media apps to
communicate with friends
65% users visit social networking apps
very often everyday
Conducted Survey
Social Apps
Conducted Survey
Smartphones and Social Life
Younger Gen 18-30 Prefer smartphones for
social communication with friends and family
Social use of smartphones has increased the sales

+ Smartphones helping people to get connected
+ Providing a tool for daily tasks
- People spending more time on smartphones
- Is an Addiction
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